Chã House by Pablo Pita Architects

The core of wooden stairs organizes the living space

Project Specs


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Chã House is the intervention in a deserted building that a few years ago had suffered a strong and hasty structural transformation. These profound alterations eradicated the previous existing tipology presence. Over a decade the building remained as it was, a wide and expectant space with 14m of length.

▼改造后住宅外观局部,partial exterior view of the house after renovation


▼核心空间设计概念,core scheme

▼各层平面图,核心空间能够根据不同的空间需求来进行适当的变形,plans, the core adapts and transforms according to the spacial needs and definition

The architectural approach acknowledges the unusual features in this historical city center type of building, enhancing them. Therefore, the new gesture is centred in the existence of a central core that establishes the vertical connections between floors and assumes various functions of the daily life. Formally, the design of the core adapts and transforms according to the spacial needs and definition, in one single gesture. The rooftop is converted, assuming a new housing floor – a duplex – whilst the other two underneath become studios.

▼下层的起居室空间(左),下层的卧室空间(右),the living room on the lower level (left), the bedroom on the lower level (right)

▼下层的卧室空间,围绕着中心的核心空间布置,the bedroom on the lower level that is organized around the core

▼顶层复式空间的走廊,走廊尽头设落地窗以采光,the corridor of the duplex space on the upper level with a floor-to-ceiling window at the end for natural light

▼顶层复式空间里的厨房空间,结合中央的核心空间设置,the kitchen space of duplex space on the upper level, the kitchen is organized based on the core

▼顶层复式空间里的厨房和餐厅空间,采用木贴面和木地板,the kitchen and dining space of the duplex space on the upper level with wooden veneer and flooring

▼顶层复式空间里的起居室空间,the living room of the duplex space on the upper level

▼住宅中央位置的木制楼梯,充当着交通核,the wooden stairs in the center of the house, acting as a vertical core

▼木制楼梯(核心空间)细节,details of the wooden stairs (core space)

▼顶层的交通核空间,天窗和侧高窗可采光,the core space of the upper floor with skylights and side clerestory for daylight


▼剖面图A,section A

▼剖面图B,section B

▼剖面图C,section C

Project: Casa Chã
Architecture: Pablo Pita
Team: Pablo Rebelo . Pedro Pita . Catarina Alegria
Constructor: José Leal SC
Consultants: NCREP
Local: Porto . Portugal
Photography: José Campos

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