House from 1923 by Loft Kolasiński

Renovation dominated by influences of Japanese and Brazilian modernism

Project Specs


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The project included the renovation and reconstruction of the interior of a house from 1923 in Szczecin. The main goal of the project was to change the classic layout of the house which was divided into many smaller rooms.


▼客厅,living room

▼从客厅望向阳台,view to the veranda from the living room

▼从餐厅望向客厅,view to the living room from the dining room


The ground floor, thanks to getting rid off most of the partition walls, has become an open space on which there are: a kitchen, a small dining room on a built-in veranda, a living room, a dining room and an office. On the first floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms.\

▼镂空屏墙,openwork screens

▼餐厅,dining room


According to the philosophy of Wabi-sabi, one of the main objectives of the project was to use as many natural materials as possible, walls in the whole house and ceiling joists on the first floor were covered with clay plaster, ceiling joists on the ground floor were left unprotected after being cleaned, floor boards were covered with oil after renovation, the stove on the ground floor was made of hand-made tiles, while the floor tiles in the kitchen come from 1923.

▼裸露的天花板搁栅,ceiling joists were left unprotected


▼通向二层的楼梯,stair leading to the first floor

▼二层空间,first floor


▼卧室细部,detailed view


An over two hundred-year-old olive tree was planted in the glazed veranda. This is a special tree species used for interiors. We decided to use it in the project after being inspired by the investor’s passion for trees.

▼阳台的橄榄树,the olive tree in the veranda

设计主要受到了日本和巴西现代主义的影响,因而在住宅中可以找到野口勇和Jader Almeida等人的设计,以及坂仓准三设计的独特椅子。设计师还特别为该项目选购了一条1969年生产于波兰科瓦雷的羊毛地毯。此外,住宅中还有大量来自丹麦、捷克、波兰、墨西哥、意大利以及德国的经典家具、灯具和配饰。办公空间墙上悬挂的是Erwin Olaf的摄影作品。

The project is dominated by influences of Japanese and Brazilian modernism, so among the furniture used in the house we can find designs by Isamu Noguchi, Jader Almeida and unique chairs by Junzo Sakakura. A unique object acquired especially for the project is a wool carpet from 1969, produced in Kowary-Poland. In addition, the project used classic furniture, lamps and accessories from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, Italy and Germany. They have undergone specialized renovation. The office has pictures by Erwin Olaf.


▼Erwin Olaf的摄影作品,pictures by Erwin Olaf


Furniture and accessories designed by Loft-Kolasiński are tables, coffee tables, sofa, TV dresser, library, mirrors, openwork screens, beds, chaise lounge, shower cabins, curtain rods, wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

▼室内细部,interior detail

▼书架和电视柜,library and  TV dresser



▼家具细部,furniture detailed view


▼墙壁均以灰泥覆盖,walls are all covered by clay plaster

Interior Design: Loft Kolasiński 
Date: 2019
Location: Szczecin, Poland
Area: 250 m2
Scope of work: Interior design, plan of reconstruction of all rooms, design of part of furniture, furniture and vintage lighting renovation
Interior photos: Joel Hauck 
The furniture was made by: Zbigniew Dzitkowski, Wood effect Marcin Wyszecki

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