Hotel Far&Near XinYuqingli St., China by kooo architects

Preserving both natural and industrial aesthetic of the original architecture with a low budget

Project Specs


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XinYuqingli is the second guesthouse kooo architects designed after the hotel Far&Near Nanhao St, targeted towards young travelers.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©堀越圭晋


As a four-floor guesthouse with 411 sqm gross area, the owner needs more numbers of rooms to satisfy the increasing number of guests. The original layout was reconstructed to maximize the use of space, in turn creating 11 guest rooms, including 7 double and 4 single rooms.

▼大厅,lobby ©堀越圭晋

▼窗帘开启和关闭效果,lobby curtain open and closed ©堀越圭晋

▼窗帘将大厅分隔为私密的走廊和公共区域,the curtain sperated lobby into private hallway and common space ©堀越圭晋

▼从大厅望向客房,guest room elevation ©堀越圭晋


The existing beams and columns are simple and clean. Aiming to preserve the beauty of these existing concrete structures, we chose to expose them as a part of the interior design. The guest rooms are furnished with basswood plywood, while the public area use meranti plywood in contrast with the exposed concrete structures. We designed this way to preserve both nature and the particular industrial aesthetic of the original architecture, at the same time satisfying the low budget.

▼客房A,room type A ©堀越圭晋

▼客房B,room type B ©堀越圭晋

▼设计保留了原有混凝土结构本身的美感,the beauty of the existing concrete structures was preserved ©堀越圭晋

▼客房F窗景,the framed view of room type F ©堀越圭晋

▼室内细部,interior detailed view ©堀越圭晋

▼洗手间,wash room ©堀越圭晋


In order to echo with the environment of its surrounding traditional residences, we intentionally kept the historical gray bricks on the existing façade. Additionally, we adjusted the windows and doors in increments of several centimeters considering the overall proportion of the building and interior layout, letting in more view and light. The revision to metal frames and increased depth of the sill added more spatial immersion.

▼青砖立面呼应了周围居住环境的氛围, the gray brick façade echos with the environment of its surrounding traditional residences ©堀越圭晋

▼立面细部,facade detailed view ©堀越圭晋

▼标识设计,signage ©堀越圭晋

▼北立面图,north elevation

项目设计 & 完成年份:2017年3月-2017年9月
& 2018年1月-2019年4月
摄影版权:堀越圭晋 / SS
品牌:1.青砖 2.柳桉胶合板 3.杜邦纸窗帘

Project name: Hotel Far&Near XinYuqingli St.
Design: kooo architects
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: 2017.03—2017.09 & 2018.01—2019.04
Leader designer & Team: Kojima Shinya, Kojima Ayaka , Hongdi Lin, Han Wang
Project location: XinYuqingli #11, GuangZhou, China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 411SQM
Photo credits: Keishin Horikoshi /SS
Partners Signage: Ayana Sano
Clients: Hotel Far&Near
Brands / Products used in the project: 1、Black brick 2、Lauan plywood board 3、Tyvek curtain

More: 小大建筑设计事务所。更多关于他们: kooo architects on gooood

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