SeibmacA Wuxi Henglong Store, China by Shangzhai Liangying Design

Light and pure

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Seibmaca Wuxi Henglong Store is the second generation of new image store designed by Hong Kong Chaoyi Fund. In an interior space of less than 100 square meters, white is the main color, showing a light, pure feeling. At the time of design, we try to avoid the artificial language, using minimalist space lines. We are adhering to the philosophy that “space exists for the clothing”. In this not spacious space, we planted a dry landscape for the atrium. With mountains, stones, trees and water as natural elements, in the noisy city, the customer is presented with a feeling of comfort and tranquility, allowing the mind to relax and release, away from the urgency of daily life.

▼室内概览,interior overview

▼为中庭植入了一块枯山水,planted a dry landscape for the atrium

▼前台及等待区,the reception desk and waiting area

▼体现年轻人的活力和态度,represents the vitality and attitude of young people


Tide brand represents the vitality and attitude of young people, the use of stainless steel and iron plate materials, to create a clean, stylish space environment, the shopping line is smooth, to bring convenience to customers when choosing clothes. The white rough walls, the simple stainless steel shelves, and the loose fitting space, we have abandoned the extra space decoration and soft fittings, so that the clothing and space complement each other, exudes a simple brilliance, creating a quiet and serene atmosphere. Let noisy and calm reach a balance.

▼不锈钢和铁板材料的使用,打造出一个整洁、时尚的空间环境,the use of stainless steel and iron plate materials, to create a clean, stylish space environment

▼摈弃了多余的空间装饰和软装搭配,abandoned the extra space decoration and soft fittings

▼白色的粗糙墙壁、简单的不锈钢货架,the white rough walls, the simple stainless steel shelves

▼宽松的试衣空间, the loose fitting space

▼平面图,floor plan

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Project Name: SeibmacA Wuxi Henglong Store
Design company: Shangzhai Liangying Design
Company website:
Contact Email:
Year of completion: 2011.10.01
Host design: Wang Chunlin
Project address: China. Jiangsu, Wuxi
Building area: 100m2
Space Photography: Zhang Jianing
Props production: new cypress decoration
Project Client: Hong Kong Chaoyi Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Main materials: iron plate, stainless steel, stone, latex paint

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