Hotel Ayllón in a Medieval Village by Lucas y Hernández – Gil Arquitectos

A simple and contemporary hotel in historic buildings, using fresh colors to create a comfortable environment.

Project Specs


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This small hotel is located in the main Square of Ayllón, a medieval village in Segovia, Spain. We would define the intervention as simple and austere but warm and comfortable at the same time, a contemporary reconstruction in rustic style. Respect was one of the main starting points for us, so we were committed to maintain the nature of the local scale and to adapt new and contemporary architecture to the existing traditional one.

▼酒店入口,与周边中世纪建筑相协调,entrance, being harmony with the surrounding medieval architectures

001-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez


The main idea was to create a simple and sober effect. The space on itself provides calmness and peacefulness, with shades of color that gives freshness just like the poppies in the Castilian wheat fields. The route through the hotel is a great experience for the guests because it is intricate in the complex medieval architecture surrounding.

▼三间餐厅围绕中庭设置,颜色清新,给人以舒适的感受,three connected dining rooms around the courtyard, fresh color provide guests a comfortable space

002-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

003-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

004-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez     005-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez


The hotel is situated in two old houses that property owned. To achieve the unity of the two existing houses was necessary, and it has been accomplished through a courtyard that articulates both parts. The hotel has 18 rooms, all different, and it also counts with 3 linked dining rooms. During the reconstruction process we counted with local craftsmen help, using local materials like stone, wood and lime.

▼客房,guest room

006-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

009-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez     007-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

▼阁楼内的客房,酒店内的房间互不相同,attic rooms, the rooms are all different in the hotel

010-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

011-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

▼浴室和卫生间,bathroom and the toilet

013-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez     014-Hotel Ayllon_Lucas y Hernandez

Photographer: Jara Varela

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