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This is the first luxury hot spring resort established by Hoshino Resorts in Taiwan as well as the second HOSHINOYA resort established overseas. Perched above a breeze-filled valley northwest of Taichung, this delightful destination appears to float amid the surrounding hills.

▼虹夕诺雅 谷关,HOSHINOYA Guguan ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼酒店及环境概览,hotel and environment overview ©Atsushi Nakamichi


Book a room fed by the abundant high-quality thermal waters and enjoy Japanese-style hot-spring bathing and spa treatments at their finest. Furthermore, we have prepared a program based on Taiwanese culture to ensure further enjoyment of nature and hot springs in Taichung.

▼酒店立面,hotel facade ©Atsushi Nakamichi



Reimagining Taiwan


▼酒店后方峡谷,valley behind the hotel ©Atsushi Nakamichi

Historic cityscapes and contemporary buildings coexist in Taichung, a hub for young creative professionals. Guguan, located just 90 minutes away, could not be more different. Mountains over 3,000 meters high surround the valley—its topography carved by the Dajia River. There is a 1,300 meter-long promenade behind HOSHINOYA Guguan, where guests can enjoy a walk in an environment removed from the bustle of the city. Cherry blossoms grace the spring foliage, while the fall landscape is colored in deep reds and yellows. It is a hub for pleasant winds, murmuring streams, and gushing hot water springs. Outside of its tropical urban environments, Taiwan reveals another face.

▼远离城市喧嚣,away from the hustle and bustle of the city ©Atsushi Nakamichi


Redefining the Bath Experience


The baths at HOSHINOYA Guguan inspire an appreciation for nature. While the soft low-alkaline, naturally carbonated waters restore your skin’s vitality, your mind relaxes, soothed by the scent of cypress that permeates the bath halls.

▼室内温泉,indoor hot spring ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼温泉采用了日式男女分开的无衣物泡汤方式开放,the hot spring uses the Japanese style of separating men and women without clothes ©Atsushi Nakamichi


The outdoor baths weave across the premises as though they are natural formations, graced by seasonal colors of cherry blossoms in the spring and golden leaves in the fall. As you take in the scenery, a low roar emanates from nearby; this sound will lead you to a beautiful waterfall. Immersed in this environment, you can feel truly at one with nature.

▼如同小河般向前伸展的露天温泉,an open-air hot spring that stretches like a river ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼多种多样的植物在温泉边茂盛地生长,a great variety of plants flourished near the hot spring ©Atsushi Nakamichi


A modern spa resort

大甲溪如蛇行般的冲刷,形成了一片平坦的地形,而这里能够眺望谷关城镇一带和远方的中央山岳地区。虹夕诺雅谷关就坐落在这一片平坦的地形上。当客人穿过竹林中的小径、来到充满未来感的接待区时,会感觉似乎来到了另一个世界。但当离开接待区进入度假村的范围时,又会发现度假村中充满了绿色,就好象融入了周围的山峦一般。这里是一个隔绝了日常、与大自然交融的世界。 无论是这里宽敞的温泉浴池,还是从树林中传来的流水声或吹来的微风,都能够使宾客忘记一切疲倦。这里就是为了繁忙的现代人而打造的一处梦幻温泉之地。

▼充满未来感的接待区,a futuristic reception area ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼接待处,the reception hall ©Atsushi Nakamichi

You are led through a bamboo forest and into a minimalist building that houses a cavernous reception area. The room is decorated with nature-inspired paintings as vibrant as Taiwan’s cities. You then step outside into a beautiful water garden that covers the vast premises. As you walk through this museum of natural art, you notice that the sound of water is ever-present. The garden’s waterways burble, the pool ripples gently, and hot spring waterfalls thunder majestically into the outdoor baths. The sounds are enveloping and relaxing.

▼一个隔绝了日常、与大自然交融的世界,a world cut off from everyday life and blended with nature ©Atsushi Nakamichi


Physical and Spiritual Refreshment


▼室外公共温泉,outdoor public hot spring ©Atsushi Nakamichi

Part of the joy of hot spring bathing is cooling off afterwards. Here, you are served shaved ice and Taiwanese tea after a soak. There is also a fourth-floor open-air lounge available exclusively to bathers, furnished with sofas where you can recline and cool off in the brisk mountain breeze. As you relax in the lounge, taking in the stunning scenery surrounding you, you realize you are already looking forward to your next bath.

▼林中休息室,forest lounge ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼池边休息区,poolside rest area ©Atsushi Nakamichi


Rooms where you can enjoy water flowing
directly from the source


▼客房「水」的起居室,the living room in “Shui” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼客房「水」,“Shui” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼客房「森」,“Sen” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼客房「山」,“Shan” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼客房「月」,“Yue” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

Each room has a semi-open-air bath, and guests can enjoy water flowing directly from the natural source of the hot spring at any time and as much as they want. Most rooms are of the maisonette-type and have a hot spring floor. There are windows on either side designed for wind to pass through, so guests can experience a private hot spring with a refreshing breeze even during hot seasons. The windows also overlook the magnificent mountains and the resort water garden.

▼客房「月」的半露天浴池,the semi-open-air bath in “Yue” ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼拥有远山景观的私人温泉,private hot springs with distant mountain views ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼温泉细部,details ©Atsushi Nakamichi


Food tailored to your stay


▼餐厅,the restaurant ©Atsushi Nakamichi

The hotel has a choice of dishes guests will not tire of even during a long stay. They will be fascinated by food anew through the combination of ingredients used in Taiwan and cooking techniques from Japanese cuisine. For example, the nanbanzuke sturgeon: by briefly deep-frying it in oil to concentrate the umami flavor, a change is brought about in its delicate taste. The flavor obtained by marinating it in the sour nanban-dare sauce goes together exceptionally well with Taiwan’s warm and humid climate. Elements of Japanese tradition are incorporated not only in the cooking techniques but in the tableware as well. Japanese cuisine served in porcelain tableware which Japan boasts to the world, such as Kutani, Bizen, and Arita, is a pleasure for the eyes as well.

▼定制佳肴,the custom delicacies ©Atsushi Nakamichi

▼夜幕下的虹夕诺雅谷关,HOSHINOYA Guguan at night ©Atsushi Nakamichi


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