HORIZONTE 88 by Wanna

The first lunar glamping. Temporary project at Casa Decor 2020

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在今年以可持续为主题的Casa Decor家装展会中,Wanna工作室为富美家集团(Formica Group)设计了展览空间和品牌形象,其主旨是向人们发出光污染的警告,同时主张:“对星空的沉思是人类不可剥夺的权利”。

In the most sustainable edition of Casa Decor, the space of Formica Group created and designed by the design studio of branding and strategic interior design Wanna, warns about light pollution and claims the contemplation of the firmament as an inalienable right of the Humanity.

▼“月球野营地”,lunar glamping preview ©caulinphoto

世界上有超过三分之一的人口(包括60%的欧洲人)无法目睹璀璨的银河。在西班牙,由于光污染而无法看见星空的人口比例位列全球第三,只有4%不到的西班牙居民生活在光污染较低的区域。面对这个令人沮丧的数据,来自西班牙的知名家居材料品牌富美家与Wanna工作室进行了合作,在2020年的Casa Decor家装展会中向观众大胆地提出挑战,呼吁其“不要接受看不到星星的生活”。他们邀请观者踏上一场太空之旅,在明月高悬的夜空下对经过天文学联合会认证的88个星座进行沉思。

More than a third of the world’s population and 60% of the european population cannot see the Milky Way. In fact, Spain is the third largest percentage of the population affected by the degradation of the night sky. Less than 4% of Spaniards live in areas of low light pollution. Faced with this devastating (though hopefully soon remediable) data, Formica Group and Wanna challenge the attendees of Casa Decor 2020 not to resign themself to living without stars. And they invite you to embark on a space journey to sit under the night sky of the Moon to contemplate the 88 constellations officially recognized by astronomers.

▼轴测图,axon ©Wanna

▼平面图,plan ©Wanna

“旅行者”们将进入名为“Horizon 88”的月球野营地(lunar glamping)。“glamping”一词由“glamorous”(魅惑)和“camping”(露营)缩写而成,定义出一种向上的旅行方式,鼓励人们以尊重环境为前提,获得与自然亲密接触的独特体验。“旅游业是最破坏地球环境的产业之一,这让我们意识到,我们必须重新思考去月球旅行的方式。”

Travelers will stay at Horizon 88, the first lunar glamping. This neologism, formed by the contraction of “glamorous” and “camping”, defines an upward travel style that allows to live a unique experience, in contact with nature and in a respectful way with the environment. “Since tourism is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, we found it important to rethink how we would travel to the Moon. That’s why we opted for glamping,” they explain from Wanna.

▼星空漫步区,craters surrounded by constellations ©caulinphoto

在“Horizon 88”,旅行者们将穿越环形山,被星座和令人意外的月球声所围绕。在享受完“户外活动”之后,他们可以在单人的太空舱内休息,以减轻在“星空中”可能产生的眩晕感。

On Horizon 88 travelers walk among craters, surrounded by constellations, to the rhythm of unprecedented lunar sounds. After enjoying the outdoors, they can retreat to a single-person capsule, designed to soften the vertigo that “be up there” can create.

▼太空舱内部,the single-person capsule ©caulinphoto

▼墙面细节,surface details ©caulinphoto

▼床底座细节,bed detail ©caulinphoto


The minimalist-designed capsule is reduced to minimal expression to minimise the constructive impact and the export of terrestrial materials to the Moon. However, it has everything you need to enjoy a memorable stay: a rest area with siderales views, a dressing room and a complete toilet.

▼极简的太空舱,inside the minimalist-designed capsule ©caulinphoto


Horizonte 88是一个充满反差的梦幻般的空间,它由Formica®层压打造,其丰富的表面肌理能够适应月球地形、星空、太空舱的内外空间以及所有家具所需要呈现的外观。特别地,空间中还展示了富美家与美国艺术家Matthew Day Jackson为纪念阿波罗11号登月50周年而特别推出的“MDJ Kuu”材料。

Horizon 88 is a dreamlike space full of contrasts, entirely created with Formica® laminates. The richness of its finishes allows to cover the lunar topography and the starry sky, the exterior and interior of the capsule and all the furniture. Among the laminates highlights the exclusive MDJ Kuu, which reproduces on a small scale the hidden face of the Moon and was created by the brand and American artist Matthew Day Jackson for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.

▼材料细节,material detail ©caulinphoto

The space has counted on the invaluable collaboration of:
Nuba – agencia de viajes Rigo Pex – musicólogo Samsung
B&O | Bang & Olufsen
Temporarily suspended exhibition by the Covid-19.
Pending reopening dates.

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