Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center by NBBJ + CCDI

Create sustainable public space and save resources

Project Specs


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Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Merges Sustainability and Public Space To create a world-class sporting venue for the city of Hangzhou — one of the most prosperous cities in China that has tripled in size over the past decade — design firm NBBJ prioritized sustainability and human experience with a focus on much-needed public space for urban recreation.

▼项目概览,preview ©(up)ShaoFeng; (down)TerrenceZhang


▼河畔的主场馆,main stadium near the riverfront ©ShaoFeng

▼莲花变形而成的场馆外观,the appearance of the stadium transformed from lotus ©ShaoFeng

▼上层平台的步道,walkway of the upper platform ©ShaoFeng

▼由参数化设计技术衍生的外立面,facade derived from parametric design technology ©(up)ShaoFeng; (down)TerrenceZhang

▼主场馆出入口,entrance of the main stadium ©ShaoFeng

▼主场馆外墙内部钢结构,steel structure of the main stadium ©ShaoFeng

▼场馆上方尽可能开敞,the bowls to remain as open as possible ©ShaoFeng

▼主场馆能够容纳8万座席, 80,000-seat Olympic-sized main stadium ©(left)ShaoFeng; (right)TerrenceZhang

▼主场馆观众席,auditorium of main stadium  ©ShaoFeng

In 2018, an average two tons of CO2 were emitted for every ton of steel produced. Featuring an iconic lotus-petal design, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center uses two-thirds less steel than Beijing’s National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest). The 80,000-seat Olympic-sized main stadium and 10,000-seat tennis court were designed via parametric scripts to save resources, get fans closer to the field and allow the bowls to remain as open as possible to views of the Qiantang River.To provide an active destination for fans and the community before, during and after games, the site’s flowing circulation creates a seamless three-level pedestrian experience of above-grade platforms, ground-level garden pathways and sunken courtyards that unite the main stadium, tennis court and retail spaces into China’s next-generation sports center.

▼网球场远观,overview of the tennis court ©ShaoFeng

▼网球场外立面:另一种形式的莲花,another form of lotus for tennis court facade  ©ShaoFeng

▼外立面细节,detail of the facade  ©ShaoFeng

▼网球场顶棚结构,roof structure of the tennis court ©TerrenceZhang

▼网球场内部,inner space of the tennis court  ©(up)ShaoFeng; (down)TerrenceZhang

▼隔江远眺,view from distance  ©TerrenceZhang

▼夜晚的灯光效果,light at night  ©ShaoFeng

▼场地平面,master plan  ©NBBJ

▼主场馆平面图,plan of main stadium  ©NBBJ

▼网球馆平面图,plan of tennis court ©NBBJ

▼剖面,sections  ©NBBJ

▼外墙细节,detail drawing of the facade  ©NBBJ

Project: Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center
Client: City of Hangzhou
Size: 400,000 sm
Typology: Sports
Location: Hangzhou, China

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