HIZOZO in Zhangjiagang, China by OYTT DESIGN

Conflict creation of space brought by deconstruction and reorganization.

Project Specs


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When the traditional chain retail brands are facing fashion upgrading, how to create a high-level interesting display space and find the temperament that matches the brand is the core of this case. The designers do not stick to subtraction for space, but rather want to present their unique imagination. With the help of fashion elements, modern colors and the conflict creation of space brought by deconstruction and reorganization, we can shorten the distance of changes of the times, so as to create a sinking consumption scene.

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior


The open entrance space combined with the scene display device generates a strong visual impact under the combination of linear lights, forming spatial tension, which makes people want to explore what is going on. The window uses basic geometric figures to express the collision, and the superposition and combination of body blocks create the stage effect, as if you are in an art gallery.

▼入口空间和收银台,entrance space and counter


The space of 75 square meters constitute the keynote with clear color and block sense. Bold color jumping and the use of metal lines can dispel the cold feeling of space and add a few elegant and gentle connotations. The wooden poles connecting the ceiling and the ground are arranged in order, and a reasonable moving line is created around the interior, which makes the original simple line become a proper ornament. The high and low placement boards overlap and interlace in the air, so that the space can show its own personality in the fusion of fashion and art.

▼空间色彩明朗,设置错落的置物板和展示台,clear colored space with shelves in different height


The whole space breaks all frames and definitions, from shape to material, the interweaving of lines, the collision of faces, the dissociation of light and shadow in the space, and the delicate emotion in the calm. The rough stone and smooth lines of the shelves, deepen the space clean fashion impression. At the same time, it integrates the ubiquitous mellow curve to compete with it, and uses light as the guide of space to deliver rich texture that is hard to say.

▼曲线货架及家具,curved shelves and furniture



Based on fashion tentacles, the designers explore the relationship between people and space. The dialogue between lines and surfaces is interpreted in architectural language, and the geometric monomers are mixed to form new possibilities. In the city constructed by reinforced concrete, a soft and warm corner is created, and the shoes are displayed as works of art integrated into life, giving people room for imagination and aftertaste.

▼店面外观,store front


设计起止时间: 2019年06月18日~2019年07月02日
开放时间:2019 年08月28日

Project Name: HIZOZO
Location: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu
Design Company: OYTT DESIGN
Chief Designer: Tiao Ouyang, Zhibiao Li
Assistant Designer: Danfeng Zhou, Yang Li
Design Cycle: June 18, 2019-July 2, 2019
Open Time: August 28, 2019
Area: 75 square meters
Cost: 225 thousand RMB
Main Materials: Latex Paint, Fireproof Board, Terrazzo, Stainless Steel
Client Name: Hui Zhou
Design Style: Modern and Simple
Space Use: Retail
Photographer: Yiwen Xu

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