Hirotaka Marunouchi by TORAFU ARCHITECTS

A night museum

Project Specs


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Interior design for Marunouchi main store of the jewelry brand, Hirotaka. The 65 ㎡ of the store space, whose theme is “a night museum” with diverse beauty and charms of animals and plants, enables deployment of the various displays. In addition to its multi-functional space, it should be a place where visitors can experience the fun and surprising which inspire jewelry designs.

▼商店外观,exterior view of the store ©Takumi Ota

丸之内公园大厦(Marunouchi Park Building)外墙上的圆柱造型反复出现在4米高的矩形商店空间内。这一设计手法使室内空间在视觉上超出了其实际的比例尺度,从而给人一种置身于室外的错觉。整个商店空间就像是一个博物馆的内部庭院:散布在木炭砂浆地板上的爪哇辉石安山岩(Java pyroxene andesite)就像是花园中的石板;内墙饰面呈现出一种建筑外墙的纹理;固定装置由黑色的氧化物镀层钢材打造而成,这种钢材会随着时间的推移而逐渐氧化,从而呈现出不同的视觉效果。

The column shape seen on the exterior walls of Marunouchi Park Building repeatedly appears inside the rectangular space whose ceiling is 4m-high, going beyond its inside scale and evoking a sense of outside. This space is likened as an inner court in the museum: the floor is made with charcoal mortar paved with Java pyroxene andesite like garden stones, the inside wall is texture-finished like an exterior wall, and the fixtures are made of black oxide coated steel, which changes the expression due to aging.

▼商店室内一览,interior overview of the store ©Takumi Ota


In the entrance, the pendant illumination, which is reminiscent of the central part of a flower, an animal’s horn or an insect’s feeler stretches gracefully, welcoming visitors.

▼入口处的吊灯,the pendant illumination in the entrance ©Takumi Ota

商店两侧的镜面反射着中心位置上的陈列柜,吸引了进店顾客的目光。中央陈列柜的上方也变成了展示空间,悬挂着由TORAFU ARCHITECTS设计、由Hirotaka原创出品的空气之气(airvases)装置,以庆祝Hirotaka珠宝丸之内总店的开幕。

The mirrors attached to the column shapes on both sides reflect the showcase in the center, attracting viewers’ attention to the deep inside of the mirrors. The upper area of the showcase turns into a display space, where Hirotaka original airvases were exhibited for the shop opening.

▼中央陈列柜的上方悬挂着空气之气装置,反射在商店两侧的镜面中,the airvases are hung in the upper central area of the showcase, reflected in the mirrors on the both sides of the store ©Takumi Ota


▼玻璃陈列柜和墙壁上的陈列洞,the showcases in the store and the showcases on the wall ©Takumi Ota

▼大小不一的陈列洞,the showcases of different sizes on the wall ©Takumi Ota

The variety and size of showcases on the wall contributes to multiple displays, providing fun to discover jewelry as like treasure hunting.

▼玻璃展柜,the glass showcase ©Takumi Ota

▼展示空间细节,showcase details ©Takumi Ota


We aimed to create a space where visitors experience the Hirotaka world as through walking around the court and small chambers in a museum.

▼地面细节,floor details ©Takumi Ota

▼空气之气装置细节,airvases details ©Takumi Ota

Principle use: SHOP
Production: D.BRAIN
Credit: Lighting design: BRANCH lighting design
Building site: Marunouchi Park building, Tokyo
Total floor area: 65m2
Design period: 2019.3-2019.8
Construction period: 2019.8-2019.10
Photo: Takumi Ota

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