Fundy Amphitheatre, Canada by Nine Yards Studio

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At the edge of McLaren pond amongst towering evergreen trees, the dark silhouette of a geometric structure is nestled into the landscape of Fundy National Park. Fundy National Park sees approximately 300,000 visitors annually and encompasses 20 kilometres of dramatic shoreline along the Bay of Fundy, famous for having the world’s highest tides. The amphitheatre seeks to provide a welcoming and contemporary space for visitors to experience performances.

▼湖畔的剧场,theater next to the pond © Julian Parkinson


▼多面的几何结构,multi-faceted geometric form © Julian Parkinson

The black standing seam shell and cedar-clad interior are unified in creating a multi-faceted geometric form that flows with the park`s natural landscape. The angles of the structure were thoughtfully designed to accommodate acoustics, uninterrupted views of the stage and minimal disruption to the park`s vistas. The entire structure rests on helical anchors creating minimal impact on the land beneath it.

▼剧场的台阶坐席,steps seats of the theater © Julian Parkinson


▼内墙与钢制外部形成鲜明对比, interior wall providing a warm contrast to the steel exterior © Julian Parkinson

▼可旋转内门,pivoting interior doors © Julian Parkinson

The barrier-free amphitheatre contains a back of house area, change rooms, green room and storage area to accommodate regular programming at the park. Interior walls of the structure are clad entirely in cedar, providing a warm contrast to the steel exterior. Pivoting interior doors secure the space during the offseason and act as curtain legs for theatrical productions and live performances.

▼包裹着雪松木的内墙,Interior walls cladded in cedar © Julian Parkinson

Completion date: 2019
Project team: Nine Yards Studio
Photographer: Julian Parkinson

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