Highlight By Yuji Okitsu

An inconspicuous light installation

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这是名为“节点”(Point)的设计展下所制作的装置。该展览呈现了一位建筑师和艺术家以“被忽视的日常”(“Overlooked Things Lurking in the Everyday”)这一主题下所作出的装置作品。

An installation produced for the design exhibition ”point”, this display is the collaboration of an architect and an artist under the theme ”Overlooked Things Lurking in the Everyday.”

002-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

018-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka


“MITSUME” is a gallery whose entrance is covered with a large glass door, and bathed in natural sunlight flowing in through the large opening.Taking the spatial characteristics of the hall as a starting point, the natural light pouring in defines an outline designed to be felt in relief.

001-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka


Fresnel lenses made of vinyl chloride plates t0.3mm and φ40mm were slit in 4 directions and assembled 2918 lenses into a grid.In order to capture natural light in its most basic form as much as possible inside the room, excessive support and other materials were rejected in favor of a structure made of thin, light lenses bearing the vertical and horizontal loads.

3images_160326 3images_160326


With a shape design that takes into account the gallery size, line of flow, gallery space design, and angle of incidence of the light, the two flat triangles supporting each other separate the exterior and interior landscapes.

004-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka


Depending on the angle of view, the opposite landscape is amplified several times by the lenses, the assembly of lenses appears as a glittering sphere and the light and the structure are seen as a variety of interwoven surfaces.

022-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka   021-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

这种设计可以让进入这个空间的参观者任意选择自己所喜欢的视觉点。 滤镜装置捕捉单一光线,通过透射和折射,并将其具像化并且不断产生重叠。

This was designed so that viewers could search for their favorite points of view as they go around the room. The assembled lenses reproduce a single light, embodying it by multiplying it in its transmission and repeating its reflection.

009-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

010-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

013-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

光亮渲染了空间的实体墙面,在不同角度会使之显得闪耀。有时其作为介质对外部光线的转移,使室内空间达成一种“平和”的氛围。这样并没采用“直接 ”(Directly)介入,而是以一种细腻、温婉的手法进行光线处理。

The volume of the light rendered concrete inside the room is seen to shine in different ways depending on the position, giving the interior a peaceful aspect while providing a link with the shifting exterior light, and bringing in the external environment not directly but in a delicate, gentle fashion.

011-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka    006-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka


The subtle changes between the light outside and inside the room, manifested in an almost imperceptible way, appear before the viewers if only for an instant and reach their awareness, strengthening the perception of space.This installation does not only hold the phenomenon of natural light entering inside the room in place, but also recaptures its physicality by means of a concrete expression and attempts to arrange the void spaces of light and shadow.

014-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

007-Highlight By Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka

Work Title:Highlight
Exhibition Title:point / Yuji Okitsu × Emu Nagasaka
Exhibition Period:January 22, 2016 – January 25, 2016
Venue:MITSUME “Tokyo Japan” http://mi-tsu-me.com
Size:w1128 d616 h1736
Material:Fresnel Lense “vinyl chloride plate t0.3mm φ40mm”
Photo:Michio Kato, Yuji Okitsu

Drawings: Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka
English Text: Yuji Okitsu & Emu Nagasaka
Chinese Text: gooood

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