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For more information regarding this project: CIS – Copenhagen International School Nordhavn / C.F. Møller Architects

Nordhavn是哥本哈根市内一片正在快速发展的新区。本次景观设计国际竞赛的基地位于哥本哈根国际学校前方,C.F. Møller在与挪威设计公司Snøhetta 和丹麦设计公司MLRP的竞争中最终赢得了胜利。他们的方案“Nordhavn群岛”将为新区打造一个集教学、娱乐为一体的立体水上空间。景观建筑师巧妙地将功能和环境捏合在一起,大量与水、天气、自然息息相关的休闲娱乐活动将学校,水岸和城市连接起来。

The new Nordhavn district is taking shape fast, and, having won the international Nordhavn Islands project competition, C.F. Møller Landscape will now create one of the first and most unique projects in, on and under the water in the quarter.

The Nordhavn Islands will lie in close contact with C.F. Møller’s Copenhagen International School, connecting the school with the quarter and the quarter with the rest of Copenhagen. The Nordhavn Islands are an urban park on the water, an ocean of activities and recreational spaces at one with the water, the weather and nature – a new and different urban space for Nordhavn.

▽ 平面图,plan

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▽ 基地分析与方案概念,site diagram and concept diagram

001-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1     A9RB269

▽ 方案生成,design development diagrams

003-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller2


The activities on the Nordhavn Islands are spread out over three different islands, each with its own characteristics: “The Reef”, a multifunctional platform for aqua learning and events in extension of the quayside; “The Lagoon”, a floating arena for activities such as kayak polo and other water sports, and “The Sun Bath”, an actual harbour bath with a sauna and protected areas for swimming training. As an extension of the school’s interior space, not only can the functions be included directly in the teaching, but they can also be used by external visitors, as can the school’s facilities, which are intended to function as a “community centre” by the Orient Pier.

▽ 轴测图,Axonometric view

004-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

▽ “礁石”,”The Reef”

005-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

Tema 3 _ 1_100_final1

▽ “泻湖”,”The Lagoon”

006-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

Tema 2 _ 1_100_final1

▽ “阳光浴场”,”The Sun Bath”

007-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

Tema 1 _ 1_100_final



In order to provide Copenhagen International School and all the other users with a new and different aquatic environment that stands out from all the other excellent water-related activities in the city, the Nordhavn Islands are deliberately rugged in character, embracing the “Nordhavn nature”. This is done by incorporating the “grown” environment in a design that directly encourages activity in all weathers, rain or sun, waves or glassy water.

The weather, climate and nature are important resources for movement, recreation and learning – in, around and even under the water. The round islands are therefore surrounded by a band of free-growing, organic vegetation, contrasting with the urban environment and staging the natural environment and the aquatic environment as a learning landscape at eye level. At the same time, this band of vegetation functions as a natural safety zone around the three islands, allowing young children to explore the Nordhavn Islands and the water safely.

▽ 浮岛结构示意图,Exploded axonometric


▽ 水下隔栅、栏杆和救援方向示意图,Safety concept diagram

013-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

位于Nordhavn群岛后部的哥本哈根国际学校同样由C.F. Møller设计。学校占地25000平方米,可以容纳1200名学生,2017年夏天落成后将成为市内最大型的学校。学校建筑外立面将由12000块太阳能板组成,建筑底层空间为向城市开放的学校餐厅、图书馆和运动场,上部的四个体量则分别容纳不同年龄阶段的学生。

Also designed by C.F. Møller, the new Copenhagen International School will become the largest school in Copenhagen, covering an area of 25,000 m² and accommodating 1,200 pupils. The unusual school building will be clad with 12,000 solar cells and consist of four sections adapted to the different age levels, with a communal base featuring a canteen, library and sports facilities, which will also benefit the surrounding city.

The Property Fund for Copenhagen International School is behind the Nordhavn Islands, which are expected to be ready in summer 2017, coinciding with the opening of the school. In the competition, C.F. Møller Landscape was up against proposals submitted by Norwegian architectural practice Snøhetta and the Danish firm MLRP.

▽ 景观与建筑平面,plan layout

009-Nordhavn Islands by C.F. Møller1

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