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A floating island

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Whenever seeing the sea, I always want to find someone to talk with.
But when I talk with people, I always want to see the sea.

Haruki Murakami sums up our love for the sea. For those who live by the sea, the yearning for the ocean is even greater. The special plot derives a “lonely hotel on the sea”

▼项目概览,general view ©夏至


The Floating Island


“Hi Sea was like a seed in my heart. Like a dream, it sprouted and made utopia.”



The hotel is located in the sea area of Dongshan Island in Fujian, 500m from the coastline. It is like a floating island, which has no borders with the land, and is independent from the mundane world.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view ©夏至


In terms of the design layout, Hi Sea pays equal attention to aesthetics and safety.

▼落日燃霞,sunset ©夏至


At the beginning of construction, considering natural factors such as ocean currents and monsoons, the architects accurately calculated buoyancy based on fish raft construction technology and reserved surplus bearing capacity to ensure that the main body of the building is strong and can withstand hurricane.

▼从甲板望向酒店,view from the deck ©夏至


The selection of materials is very rigorous. The roof adopts decorative materials commonly used in airport terminals and yachts, which are corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant. The outdoor deck is made of weather-resistant flooring, with a texture comparable to solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and fire preventive. In addition, connecting cables from the seabed solves the problem of power supply.

▼室内外空间过渡,the transition from outdoor to indoor area ©夏至


At night, everything is silent, only the waves are playfully beating the house. The whole building seems to open mind to the ocean, satisfying people’s yearning for nature and purity.

▼夜景,night view ©夏至


01. 建筑与自然的连接
The connection between architecture and nature

Hi Sea像一个新生的孩子,纯粹又欢脱。得天独厚的自然环境造就酒店离群索居的氛围,迈上甲板的那一刻,仿佛进入了快与慢的结界,轰隆作响的时间忽而变得潺潺轻渺,给眼前的世界蒙上柔软的面纱。

Hi Sea is like a newborn child, pure and happy. The blessed natural environment creates the solitary atmosphere of the hotel. The moment of stepping onto the deck, you seem to have entered a boundary between fast and slow, and the rumbling time suddenly becomes murmur and faint, casting a soft veil on the world in front.

▼迈上甲板的那一刻,仿佛进入了快与慢的结界,The moment of stepping onto the deck, you seem to have entered a boundary between fast and slow ©夏至


The 500 square meters space is equipped with a living room, 3 guest rooms and a kitchen. Boats and kayaks are docked next to the building. Whether it is friend gathering, family dinners or business development activities, you can have fun here. The principle of only receiving one group of guests at a time ensures the hotel’s privacy.

▼会客厅, living room ©夏至


The interior design is simple and concise, the basic tone of the original wood color creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the diamond-shaped carpet and polygonal coffee table inject a sense of fashion into the space. The large area of foldable glass is like a huge movie screen, and the infinite seascape seamlessly transits to the interior. The relationship between man, nature, and architectural space is quietly set up at this moment.

▼原木色的基调营造了温馨亲切的氛围, the basic tone of the original wood color creates a warm and friendly atmosphere ©夏至

▼全景窗,the panoramic view ©夏至

▼室内细节,interior details ©夏至


The scene starts from people, presents different latitudes in the design, and extends from there. Hi Sea is the designer’s “soul-stirring” into “hard to achieve” verification, its meaning is to explore their own.

▼从客厅望向甲板,view to the deck from the living room ©夏至

▼室内细节,interior view ©夏至


02. 自然的馈赠与反哺
Natural gifts and feedback



Nothing is more exciting than sunrise and sunset on the sea. The red sun rises lazily from the sea level, the sky turns from purple to blue, and a vast dawn scene is vividly outlined.

In stylist look, sea day is the best annotation to dimensional colour, besides, more one cent is rich and colourful, little one cent is scanty. The design principle of moving line is to ensure that every scene is seamlessly connected with the sea. In getting along with the sea, let nature take its course and let the time go by, so that the life will present its original appearance.

▼日落十分,sunset on the sea ©夏至


The ingredients mainly come from fresh seafood and local seasonal fruits and vegetables. Of course, guests can also experience the fun of self-fishing and cooking. People’s memories are sometimes continued by the taste of food.

▼餐厅,dining area ©夏至


The ethereal accompanied by rain and fog, the lonely surrounded by the sea, but also in the turbulent quiet. Hi Sea is a kind of loneliness, is also a kind of comfort that cannot say.

▼餐厅视野,view from the dining area ©夏至


The scenery seen in each bedroom is different. The designer strives for the maximum open area, allowing natural light to cast in from all corners of the windows, where brightness and darkness intertwine, warm current and breeze blend. There are coffee tables, tables and chairs on the balcony. Even if you do nothing, you can feel the slowness and comfort of life.

▼客房,guest room ©夏至

Hi Sea带来的永不止这些,露天的按摩泡池、无死角的圆形沙发、被阳光洒满的甲板……夕阳慢慢垂落,远山如黛,倘若此刻泡着澡,任由冰啤在口中徜徉,人生庸常便由此暂别。

What brought by Hi Sea brings is far from these, but also the open-air massage pool, the round sofa with no dead ends, the sun-drenched deck… In the sunset, the distant mountains are like water paintings. If you take a bath at this moment and drink a bottle of ice beer, the mediocre life will disappear.

▼从卧室望向浴室,view from the bedroom to the bathroom ©夏至


The sea level swallows the setting sun bit by bit, from the overflowing glow to the dusk. You can feel the passage of time surrounded by the sea, and the distance with nature is also quietly narrowing, and finally blending into it. .

▼甲板光影,light and shadow ©夏至

我们都需要可以坐下来发呆、倾听或表达自己的空间,建筑师董欣猛深谙此道,Hi Sea就是这样的存在,致力于挖掘、引导用户的居住体验,借自然的力量重塑人与空间的缔结。

We all need space where we can sit to be in a daze, listen or express ourselves, and architect Dong Xinmeng knows this well. Hi Sea created by him is such an existence. It is dedicated to digging and guiding the user’s living experience, and reshaping the relationship between people and space through the power of nature.

▼Hi Sea 漂浮酒店,Hi Sea Floating Hotel ©夏至

▼平面图,plan ©平衡空间

▼结构分析图,structural diagram ©平衡空间

项目名称:海席|Hi Sea 漂浮酒店

Project Name: Hi Sea|Hi Sea Floating Hotel
Design Company: Balance Design
Designer: Dong Xinmeng
Project Location: Dongshan Island, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province
Project Area: 591 m2
Completion Time: 2020
Photographer: Xia Zhi
Main materials: steel structure, aluminum-magnesium-manganese board, teak, stone plastic board

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