Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space By A’Lentil Design

A couple and a cat, double happiness in a 15 sqm space.

Project Specs


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The happiness is enjoying the time with my lover and watching my cat walk around, even having a tea time at home on weekend, that’s the dreaming life every city dweller dream about. At the first time when designer see this place, she found this tiny space is separated by several walls and it looks smaller, even causes unsmooth movement. How to make a dreaming life come true and even there is a new born baby in the future, it is really a difficult problem. Designer communicates with the couple and decides to rearrange the movement, introduce sunlight and air into rooms, to renew space allocation and their life style.

▼改造前后平面图对比,plan before and after

▼丰富的小空间规划,view of the Tiny Space



Designer break down original housing pattern, to rearrange movement, and makes owners can reach every space with five steps from the central point of house. To reduce aisle and corners, designer makes space open, introduce sunlight into rooms, and makes inside room looks bright and bigger. Besides, designer integrates owners’ requirements, to strength functional design, and converts second bedroom into living room, efficiently use every space. Making original wall hang TV to be a book shelf, and there still space for sofa and table under the shelf.

▼开放空间接受自然采光,reducing aisle and corners and making space open

▼将次卧变为客厅,converting the second bedroom into living room


Furthermore, to create a cloakroom from an aisle, it not only meet hostess’s requirement, but also make use of fractional area to create beautiful under stair storage. At the last, to consider about new born baby, designer builds an attic as a bedroom, it could be a storage room, or second bedroom, and even a small world for cat or for children in the future. Designer not only arranges space according to couple’s living habits, but also promotes space efficiencies.

▼廊道变为更衣室,creating a cloakroom from an aisle


▼主卧,main bedroom

▼卧室与客厅开放连通,connection of the bedroom and living room



For coloring plan, entire space color arrangement is white, but decorate lemon yellow dot from entrance to living room; paint main bedroom with bright Macaron color to relieve stress from work. A tiny space contains large requirements, designer meets owners’ needs and makes home become the sweetest place in the world, even makes owners get happiness easily.

▼明亮的室内色彩,bright interior color

Location: Sanchong District
Square meters: 3.3
Members: 2 people and 1 cat
Materials: oak veneer, painted wood, Myanmar Burma teak boards, pine boards, painted black iron, painted punched plate, ICI environmentally friendly paint, laminate flooring

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