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Aedas为英国有着百年历史的名校哈罗公学在海口打造了两所国际学校——哈罗国际学校(Harrow International School)及礼德学校(Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy)。这是确定建立海南自由贸易港后,首家落户海南的国际知名教育品牌,更是自由贸易试验区江东新区的第一个项目。

Aedas has recently completed two international schools in Haikou for the British educational brand Harrow. It’s the first among a list of eminent names to be introduced to Hainan, following the province’s rise as a free trade port and its commitment to be a leading education hub in the region.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © CreatAR Images


▼总平面图,master layout plan © Aedas

Haikou, also known as the “Coconut City”, is the capital city of Hainan Province. Situated in the tropics, steeped in serene coastal scenery and a pleasant climate, Haikou has evolved from a sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business centre. Strategically located in Jiangdong District, Haikou, the Harrow International School and Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy (ILA) are set on a site of 96,673 sq m to provide Kindergarten to 12th grade international and bilingual education for a maximum of 1,800 students. The design objective for this project is to create two distinct school buildings with ample shared spaces, and foster a learning environment that encourages exploration. To ensure the overall layout meets users’ demands and aligns with the schools’ features, the master plan arranges the blocks in a compact and continuous manner. There are shared facilities, such as a swimming pool and dining hall, set between the two schools to ensure equal access; while the sports ground in the east sprawls before the two institutions that also allows easy mean of entry.

▼哈罗国际学校,the Harrow International School © CreatAR Images

▼礼德学校,the Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy (ILA) © CreatAR Images

▼位于东侧的操场,the sports ground in the east sprawls © CreatAR Images


The two schools—Harrow and its younger brand ILA—are both comprised of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, dormitories and staff quarters. The Harrow school is located along North boundary, and the ILA along the south, each with two rows of connected teaching blocks to create abundant courtyards and open space for students. Each school has an independent entrance which is identified by the open space between two teaching blocks on the front row. Each school is furnished with green decks and stepping terraces, designed on top of the auditoriums. These open spaces are purposely placed adjacent to classrooms, accessible via overhead corridors. This measured configuration of functions, as well as the clearly delineated indoor-outdoor relationships, help engender a vibrant educational environment.

▼围合的庭院空间,the enclosed courtyard © CreatAR Images

▼大量绿色空间,abundant green space © CreatAR Images


A unique character of the campus is the semi-open design of the school buildings, deriving from an architectural feature endemic to Haikou, the verandas. Accompanied with covered passage and communal streets, they enhance social engagement and serve as a totem for Haikou culture.

▼廊柱通廊,the verandas © CreatAR Images


The design for the two schools are coherent, with each of their own distinctive facade details: classic red bricks on the Harrow International School echo England’s architectural tradition in a modern and elegant style, while the lighter red on the ILA lend the edifice a brisk, clean facade that reflects its position as the younger brand.

▼局部立面,partial facade © CreatAR Images


“Through creating an inviting environment for interactive learning, we hope this project will recontextualise, and set a new benchmark for high-quality education across the region.” — Aedas Executive Director Cary Lau.

▼综合楼夜景,the Complex by night © CreatAR Images

▼阶梯式露台夜景,the stepping terraces by night © CreatAR Images

▼哈罗国际学校一层平面,Harrow School (L1 floor plan) © Aedas

▼哈罗国际学校二层平面,Harrow School (L2 floor plan) © Aedas

▼礼德学校一层平面,ILA School (L1 floor plan) © Aedas

▼礼德学校二层平面,ILA School (L2 floor plan) © Aedas

▼综合楼一层平面,Complex (L1 floor plan) © Aedas

主要设计人:柳景康(Cary Lau),执行董事
摄影:CreatAR Images

Project: Harrow International School & Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy
Location: Haikou, PRC
Architect: Aedas
Client: Haikou Urban Construction & Investment Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area: 60,895 sq m
Completion Year: 2020
Design Directors: Cary Lau, Executive Director

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