HARMAY Universal, Beijing by AIM

A small store that stirs up curiosity in a huge theme park

Project Specs


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▼室内概览,preview ©Wen Studio

Asked to design a store in a theme park and looking at its context, we could not avoid asking ourselves how to go about this. How can we create a unique experience in a place where experience is king? Do we go with the current or swim upstream? Do we try to stand out or blend in?

We decided to do both. Inspired by the thrills and experience of a studio soundstage and set but remaining true to the warehouse-style retail culture of HARMAY, we created a store that combines the best of both worlds. By channeling the power of light, shadow, and the visual impact of cinema, we created a uniquely immersive experience while reflecting the innovation and diversity of the brand.

▼平面图,plan ©AIM 恺慕建筑设计

第一次闯入体验者眼帘的是店铺的外立面。大胆且内敛。它的简洁和与周围环境的鲜明对比引发着人们的好奇。密铺的铝板建构,构成一个献给話梅的“大银幕”。 穿过剧场般的大门,接着被引进了门厅——一个被密集金属窗帘包裹的空间以及中央的椭圆形服务台,让人不由自主地联想到传统剧场的门厅,所有激动人心的电影体验都从这里开始。

The first encounter is the façade, bold but introverted. It stirs up curiosity through its simplicity, in sharp contrast with its surroundings. Densely paved aluminum panels form a big silver screen dedicated to HARMAY. Walking through the cinema doors, you enter the foyer, a space wrapped with thick metal curtains and a grand central oval service desk reminiscent of the lobby of traditional theaters. In this place, all the excitement of the movie experience starts.

▼店铺立面,facade ©Wen Studio

▼密铺的铝板,densely paved aluminum panels ©Wen Studio

▼剧场般的入口大门,the cinema door ©Wen Studio

▼入口区域,entrance area ©Wen Studio

▼中央椭圆形服务台,the grand central oval service desk ©Wen Studio

▼被密集金属窗帘包裹的门厅空间,the foyer wrapped with thick metal curtains ©Wen Studio


Passing through the curtain to the “backstage” area leads to the main retail space. You’ll find all the signs of a star-powered production at the center: equipment, lighting, cameras, and TV screens, surrounded by custom-made shelves, inspired by the woodwork of an old-fashioned stage. It lends an intimate, VIP feeling, a backstage pass to shop.

▼主要零售空间,the main retail space ©Wen Studio

▼中央装置,the central installation ©Wen Studio

▼装置细部,details ©Wen Studio


The illuminated backboard lights up to display products and create an overall glow in the space, expressing the variability of warehouse’s retail culture through the play of light and shadow.

▼发光背板为展示的产品提供了光源 ©Wen Studio
the illuminated backboard lights up to display products


By combining the romance of film with the tactile experience of retail, Universal Studios promises its guests an elevated and immersive experience. In this store, each visitor has a starring role.

▼展架细部,details ©Wen Studio

设计总监:Wendy Saunders,Vincent de Graaf
摄影:Wen Studio

Client: HARMAY
Location: Shanghai, China
GFA: 100 sqm
Completion: 2021
Design Scope: Façade and interior design
Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Project Manager: Cindy Xu
Project Architect: Simon Huang
Interior Team: Dongkai Hu, Jiao Yan, Shawn Zhang
FFE Team: Dongkai Hu
Photography: Wen Studio

More: AIM 恺慕建筑设计。更多关于他们:AIM Architecture on gooood

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