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“形式追随功能”这个术语在现代城市商业建筑的设计中受到了极大的挑战,因为租户的“功能”需求愈加趋同。H Queen’s以独特的方式打破禁忌,从一开始就前瞻性地对使用者进行了预想。建筑位于历史悠久的砵甸乍街和皇后大道中,占地700平方米,总建筑面积达到10000平方米,坐落于香港艺术区的中心。旧中区警署改建而成的艺术和文化综合体就在同一条街道上。因此我们设想将H Queen’s打造成世界上第一个特制的垂直美术馆。整座建筑共有24层,约2/3是画廊,1/3是餐厅。为餐厅而设的露台构造了建筑的雕塑形式。

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Henderson Real Estate Agency Limited

The term “Form Follows Function” is greatly challenged in the design of commercial buildings in modern cities as the “function” of it’s tenants becomes generic. H Queen’s is unique in breaking this taboo by imagining it’s occupant early on: situated on the historic Pottinger Street and Queen’s Road Central, this 700 s.m. site with a total built up area of 10,000 s.m. is in the center of Hong Kong’s art district. The redevelopment of the Central Police Station into art and culture complex is just up the street. Therefore we have imagined the first purpose built vertical art galleries building in the world. Of the 24 floors, about 2/3 are galleries and 1/3 are restaurants. The provision of terraces for the restaurants results in the sculptural form of the building.

▼24个楼层包含了2/3 的画廊和1/3的餐厅,of the 24 floors, about 2/3 are galleries and 1/3 are restaurants

H Queen’s是一座商业建筑,融合了两个不同的功能部分:美术馆和餐饮场所,呈现出独特的生活风格。楼高125米,外立面采用低辐射玻璃包裹以达到LEED黄金级标准。共有24层,其中有2/3楼层的楼底高达4.65米。幕墙为三层玻璃,零紫外线穿透。为餐饮而设的底层外立面是透明玻璃,而顶层的餐饮楼层均设有阳台可供户外用餐,为建筑物形成了互相穿插的雕塑形式。沿着历史悠久的砵甸乍街和两车道宽的士丹利街,两侧的建筑设有一系列阳台,可以令士丹利街更加宽敞通透,同时引入更多的日光。起重机安装在天台上,解决了将大型艺术品运进大厦这一主要问题。艺术品从士丹利街被悬挂起来,通过3米x4.5米的可开合幕墙直接进入建筑内,起重量可达1.25吨。开合幕墙带有自然通风效果,为需要自然通风的租户提供灵活性。

▼街道立面,street facade

▼室外露台,outdoor terrace

H Queen’s is a commercial building that mixes 2 distinct components: Art galleries and F&B to form a unique lifestyle building. At 125 meters tall, the building is clad in low-e glass achieving LEED gold status. Of the 24 floors, 2/3 are designed for art galleries with 4.65 meters high floor to floor. The exterior is triple glazed with zero UV penetration. The bottom floors and the top are F&B floors with staggered terraces for al fresco dining, resulting in interlocking sculptural form. Alongside the historic Pottinger Street, and the 2 lane wide Stanley Street, a series of terrace setbacks was created to allow openness and daylight penetrating onto Stanley Street. The main problem in loading large artworks into the building is solved by mounting a crane on the roof. Artworks are hoisted from Stanley Street, through a 3 meter x 4.5 meter openable curtain wall panel directly into the building, lifting a weight up to 1.25 ton. The building’s openable façade allows passive energy use and flexibility for tenants who wants natural ventilation.

▼餐厅空间,restaurant interior view

▼展览空间,gallery interior view

▼大堂电梯厅,elevator hall

▼立面细部,facade detail

▼通透的玻璃幕墙,the transparent facade seen from the alley

▼夜景,night view

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼画廊楼层平面图,gallery floor plan

▼餐厅楼层平面图,restaurant floor plan


项目名称:H Queen’s
摄影师:Nirut Benjabanpot

Project Name: H Queen’s
Design Company: CL3 Architects Limited (www.CL3.com)
Completion: 11 September 2017
Client: Henderson Real Estate Agency Limited
Gross Floor Area: 6,921m² (non-domestic)
Site Area : 461m²
Photographer: Nirut Benjabanpot

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