Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University, China, by Atelier Li Xinggang

the permanent poetry of space

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The Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University is located in the north of the front zone of the campus. The main buildings include an indoor sports center and a natatorium. The public spaces of these two buildings are linked by a large arch bridge which encloses an entrance plaza and connects the entire building.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial  ©张虔希

▼建筑主体包含体育中心和游泳馆两大部分,the main buildings include an indoor sports center and a natatorium  ©张广源

▼西立面局部,west elevation  ©张广源

▼沿操场展开的东立面,east elevation extending along the sports field  ©孙海霆


According to the respective requirements towards the plan dimension, headroom, and usage (dedicated or multi-purpose), the multiple indoor sports fields are compactly organized and connected by the linear public spaces (the public hall, the arch bridge, and the lobby of swimming pool). This kind of design strategy largely not only enhances the openness and sports atmosphere of the interior spaces but also creates diverse eave heights and an efficient and easy-going layout.

▼体育馆夜间鸟瞰,night aerial  ©孙海霆

▼体育馆北侧,north facade  ©孙海霆

▼西北侧视角,northwest perspective  ©孙海霆

▼体育馆公共大厅屋顶,the rooftop of the public hall  ©孙海霆


The design mainly focuses on how to logically organize and repeat the basic unit of the form and structure to generate specific function, light environment, and atmosphere within each space. The public hall of the indoor sports center adopts ruled curve surface roof of a gradient wave-shape (hollow ribbed roof structure), with a 140-meter-long indoor overhead track, which forms a great light environment and infinite landscape. The exercisers who are running on the overhead track naturally become a part of the landscape, showing the sports spirit of the architecture.

▼公共大厅内部,interior of the public hall  ©孙海霆

▼波浪形渐变的直纹曲面形屋面,a ruled curve surface roof of a gradient wave-shape  ©孙海霆

▼室内运动场地,internal sports space  ©张虔希

▼筒拱曲面的钢筋混凝土结构带来大跨度空间和高侧窗采光,the reinforced concrete structure with ruled curve surfaces provides long span space and high side window daylighting  ©张虔希

▼游泳馆内部,natatorium  ©孙海霆


The roof and the exterior walls of the sports space use a series of reinforced concrete structure of ruled curve surfaces, barrel arches and conical surfaces which provide long span space and high side window daylighting. The tectonic texture of the wooden mold concrete is exposed inside, and the architectural outline of silence and diversity is formed outside, achieving the perfect unity of the building’s structure, space, and form.

▼锥筒和屋顶结构细部,detail of the barrel arch and roof structure  ©孙海霆

▼西立面砖墙细部,detail of the brick wall  ©孙海霆


Compared with the architectural image of the exaggerated and arbitrary through the decoration nowadays, this design exposes the structure to access the beauty of “tectonic”, resulting in the space of silence, plain and rhythm, presenting more permanent “poetic” of space.

▼裸露的结构产生“建构”之美,the structures are exposed to access the beauty of “tectonic”  ©张广源


▼设计草图,design sketch

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层、二层平面图,ground floor plan and first floor plan

▼剖透视图,perspective section

▼西立面图,west elevation


▼屋盖轴测图,roof system diagram

项目名称: 天津大学新校区综合体育馆
建筑事务所: 李兴钢建筑工作室
主创建筑师: 李兴钢、张音玄、闫昱、易灵洁、梁旭
项目详细地址: 天津市津南区
建筑面积(平方米): 18362平方米
摄影师: 孙海霆、张虔希、张广源
Project name: Gymnasium of New Campus of Tianjin University
Architect’ Firm: Atelier Li Xinggang
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Li Xinggang, Zhang Yinxuan, Yan Yu, Yi Lingjie, Liang Xu
Project location: Jinnan District, Tian Jin
Completion Year: 2015
Gross Built Area (square meters): 18362㎡
Photo credits: Sun Haiting, Zhang Qianxi, Zhang Guangyuan
Photographer’s website:;;
Other participants
Structure: Ren Qingying, Zhang Fukui, Li Sen
Awards: 2016, WAACA WA Technological Innovation Award Winner

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