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木韵清远 妙造自然 Elegant wood flavor  magic creation of nature


The present life has been inadvertently complicated by us. Redundant and prosperous design will often cover the true need of life, whereas highlighting spiritual emptiness. Therefore, modern people really understand the nature of life more advocate simple aesthetic ideas integrating the inner world and outer world. Moreover, people’s pursuit of space design is no longer to meet the needs of living only, but more focuses on the spiritual pursuit.



Chuang Tzu said, “Heaven and earth have great beauty without words”. The design of this case is in natural, cultural, holiday-themed tone and aims to express the harmonious living aesthetics of “observe humanity and integrate into nature” by elegant and low-key sense of beauty, calm and peaceful tolerance. Proceeding from the project’s geographical environment, real estate characteristics and humanities, by fine considerations and planning, the designers have applied a lot of wooden elements and natural materials with “temperature and emotion”, trying to create a space full of natural flavor and human touch. They directly accessed into the nature of design to express the ethereal beauty and create a reverie, allowing people to detach from the superficial form of art and enjoy the beauty of serenity, thereby being far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, making life return to simplicity, comfort and tranquility.





业主:福建省时代华奥建设发展有限公司。Time-Power Construction Co., Ltd.


Project name: Guigu 1604 example room
Location: Fuzhou, Fujian
Project area: 380m2
Owner: Fujian Times Huahao Construction Development Co., Ltd.
Design company: Lin Kaixin Design Co., Ltd.
Presided designer: Lin Kaixin
Participating designer: Yu Hua
Main materials: Wood, marble, fabric paint

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