Guangzhou Jiuwucang by Caiwenha Wangnuoxi

A commercial space that fits all old furniture and a performing stage

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Caiwenha Wangnuoxi for providing the following description:


The project is located at Beishan village, Nanping town, Zhuhai, Guangdong. Beishan village is one of the villages in Zhuhai that keeps most of historic buildings integrated. The place used to be Beishan Hall, belonging to the villages’ temple. It has over 2 hundreds years of history, and local residents used to come here to pray. When we first came to the space, the well-preserved wooden slope roof was the most eye-catching section. The whole place has been repaired and was in good condition. It was slightly reconstructed by its former operators, and was used for music performance. The space inside was quite dusky, and created a repressed atmosphere.

▼外貌,exterior view


The owner of this space had trust in us, hoping the reconstructing project could achieve a balance between tradition and modern. We saved the original constructing details as many as possible, and tried to present a commercial space that fits all old furniture and a performing stage.

▼内部空间,interior view



The original building used to be a theater, so there always has an atmosphere of performance. The owner engages in music and old goods, and our project connect these two elements together. The space was designed to fit the vintage furniture and building materials from 1970s and 1980s, and to present goods for sell.

▼七八十年代老家具打造复古氛围,using vintage furniture and building materials from 1970s and 1980s


We mostly used modern materials on detail decorating. People nowadays are keen on vintage scenes, but it seems that they prefer to touch those materials they are familiar with.

▼打造熟悉的细节质感,pursuing a familiar touch feeling


▼屋顶结构细节,detail of the structure


Flooring materials were stone stripes abandoned during villages’ demolition. We also used recycled old planks, and old patterned tiles requested by owner.

▼延续老元素,preserving the old elements

▼垂直分析图,vertical analysis


▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan


设计公司: 厦门千树创新中心空间设计 蔡文哈 王诺皙
位置: 珠海
类型:复合型复古商业 改造
材料:回收老木板 回收水泥花砖 水洗 水磨
文章类型: 室内

Project name: Guangzhou Jiuwucang
Architects: Caiwenha Wangnuoxi
Project location: Guangdong, Tianhe Linle Load
Structure: Wooden
Design Period: 05.2017-06.2017
Area: 554.5m2

More: 厦门千树创新中心空间设计,更多请至:Caiwenha Wangnuoxi on gooood

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