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The project arises from the need of a family to have a rest house away from the chaos of the city, the site is located in a central area of ​​Mexico between the states of Guanajuato and Jalisco.

▼项目概览,overview © Jorge Succar


▼远离尘嚣,away from the chaos of the city © Jorge Succar

▼住宅入口,entrance of the house © Jorge Succar

We start from the idea of ​​two traditional typologies of the region and the countryside. The cabin, as a space that is intimately related to the natural environment and a warmer scale, a space of isolation and reflection; and on the other hand the “hacienda”, as a space that creates its own atmospheres through the courtyards and gardens, which serve to extend the activity from the inside to the outside. The land is much longer than wide, so the architectural program was scattered across the land to generate promenades inside and outside the house. We take advantage of the elongated layout of the land to juxtapose in the narrowest sense the roofed spaces and create complementary open spaces between them.

▼项目模型,model © Jorge Succar

▼屋顶平面,rooftops plan © Jorge Succar

The team juxtaposes the roof spaces with a special land layout and creates complementary
open spaces between them © Jorge Succar

▼房屋的桶形拱顶,the barrel vault © Jorge Succar

▼二层露台,the terrace © Jorge Succar

▼从中间走廊看向第一栋房屋内部,view from the central corridor to the first house © Jorge Succar

▼从花园庭院看向二楼露台,view from the garden courtyard to the second floor terrace © Jorge Succar


▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © Jorge Succar

▼带壁炉的起居空间,the living area with fireplace © Jorge Succar

▼客厅一角,corner of the living area © Jorge Succar

▼两栋楼之间的走廊过渡区域,corridor transition area between two buildings © Jorge Succar

▼楼梯间,staircase © Jorge Succar

▼二楼休息区域,the rest area on the second floor © Jorge Succar

▼客房,the guestroom © Jorge Succar

Volumetrically, 3 bodies are generated that are delimited with a very traditional element of the region, the barrel vault. Each of these vaults works like cabins that are transformed according to their location and use. The first works as a house for visitors, a guest room and the room with its fireplace that invites to rest in the double height of access; the second contains family rooms that allow you to have more contact with the surrounding landscape, and finally the third vault fades to a scale closer to the garden, to simply generate a roof that, like a tree, creates shade so that we can enjoy more external activities such as the campfire or the pool.

▼家庭房的户外篝火区域,outdoor campfire area of the family house © Jorge Succar

▼户外花园和泳池区域,outdoor garden and pool area © Jorge Succar


We wanted to generate not only a facade, but a landscape that between solids and voids adapts to a more rural environment, where the vaults and materials dialogue with the open field.

▼星空下,under the starry sky © Jorge Succar

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan © CUBO ROJO ARQUITECTURA

▼二层平面图,second floor plan © CUBO ROJO ARQUITECTURA


Project name: Guanajal House
Year project: 2019
Location: Estación Pedrito, Jalisco, Mexico.
Architects in charge: Christian Villanueva, Omar López
Office team: Eduardo Tapia, Alejandro Vargas.
Collaborators: Andrés Corona, Mauricio García, Andrea Toledo
Área: 245.00 sq.m.
Photography: Jorge Succar


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