The Drawings on the City by Clément Masurier

Questioning the city and its imagination that it creates

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Clément Masurier毕业于巴黎 – 马拉奎斯建筑学院(architecture school of Paris Malaquais)。在从事建筑师工作的同时,他每天都会练习绘画。2015年,他来到了罗马,并全身心地投入到绘画创作中。六个月后,他用近200幅画作、分九个章节向人们展示了他所理解的城市景象。Clément Masurier认为,长久以来城市一直徘徊在经济过剩所营造出的假象的边缘。这一系列画作便表达了他对这样的城市和这种假象的质疑态度。

Clément Masurier is graduated from the architecture school of Paris Malaquais. Parallel to his activity as an architect, he practices drawing on a daily base. In 2015, after a stay in Rome and six months entirely devoted to drawing, he unveiled a work in nine chapters and nearly two hundred drawings on the city. Immersed in the excesses of an economic system, between lucidity and cruelty, his work question the city and its imagination that it creates.

▼第一章,Chapter 1 ©Desplans

▼第二章,Chapter 2 ©Desplans

▼第三章,Chapter 3 ©Desplans

▼第四章,Chapter 4 ©Desplans

▼第五章,Chapter 5 ©Desplans

▼第六章,Chapter 6 ©Desplans

▼第七章,Chapter 7 ©Desplans

▼第八章,Chapter 8 ©Desplans

▼第九章,Chapter 9 ©Desplans

▼其它作品,other drawing ©Desplans

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