Green Option Food Court, China by RAMOPRIMO

The food space defined by the white iron strips with light lines

Project Specs


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The whole concept rotates around the idea of serving healthy food, providing sophisticated yet informal seating settings with soft chairs, benches and places for gathering, laying down and relaxing with friends. Each room offers a different functional program. Café, restaurant, cocktail bar and an external patio are all served by a central kitchen and organized along a backbone corridor where an open display bakery is facing. In some much smaller rooms we managed to get a bathroom, a small office and two storage/technical rooms. The project develops a design strategy that aims to sew up the randomly fragmented spaces on first floor of a multifunctional building, while taking advantage of the articulated layout for organizing the new functions.

▼咖啡厅室内,interior view of the café


▼咖啡厅轴测图,the axon of the café

Terrazzo texture raises up on all surfaces in the bakery space to define walls and built-in display cabinets for bread and pastry. Up to 7 meter long iron framed sliding fences on wheels can be partially close to seal the different areas, creating movable screens, which add depth to the visual perspectives on corridor. Brushed steel surfaces have been used for technical and service functions, including counters, doors and displays. Metal reflection and vibrancy echoes on the mirror finished steel used for the tailor-made lighting fixtures specifically designed and realized for the project.

▼咖啡厅局部和吧台,采用由镜面钢制成的照明灯具,partial view of the café and the bar, using the lighting fixtures made of mirror finished steel

▼咖啡厅吧台细节,details of the bar in the café


▼餐厅轴测图,the axon of the restaurant

White curved iron strips on ceiling, separated by acrylic and LED lighting lines, characterize the whole environment. They rhythm the space and constitute the main spatial feature, creating large common spaces and defining smaller intimate ones, by enlarging and shrinking to fit the size of different rooms. Light grey concrete surfaces on walls create a uniform background where the white iron strips stand out from, like large drawers been infilled into a pre-existing concrete box.

▼餐厅室内,interior view of the restaurant

▼餐厅的窗边座椅区,采用水磨石地板,the seating area beside the window with the terrazzo floor in the restaurant

▼餐厅室内局部,天花板上的白色弧形铁板上嵌入光带,partial interior view of the restaurant, white curved iron strips on ceiling are separated by lighting lines

▼餐厅下沉餐桌座椅区,the seating area with the sunken tables in the restaurant

▼餐厅室内局部,座位设置采用软垫和可容纳多人的可卧躺放松的空间,partial interior view of the restaurant, providing seating settings with soft chairs and places for gathering, laying down and relaxing

▼餐厅墙面细节,灰色的混凝土墙面衬托出白色光带铁板,walls details of the restaurant, the white iron strips with light lines stand out from the light grey concrete surfaces on walls


Feeling of each room has been further emphasized by custom-made use of platform setting, different seating types and specific colors for the furniture fabric. The continuous terrazzo floor has been poured-in-place and polished by skilled artisans for over three weeks. Its different stone grains and grey color tones contribute to mark the specific program on different areas with steps and platforms.

▼美食广场座椅细节,不同区域采用不同类型的座椅,details of the café, different areas are defined by different seating types

▼座椅细节,座椅与不同高差的平台相结合,details of the seating areas with platforms in the different heights

▼美食中心轴测爆炸,the exploded axon of the food court

▼室内平台分析爆炸图,the exploded diagram of the interior platforms

▼平面布置图,layout plan

Design team: RAMOPRIMO
Architects: Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani
Collaborators: Lisa Montanari, Sara Scotti, Huo Ran 霍燃, Giacomo Squaquara
Location: Beijing, China
Function mixed use: café, restaurant, bakery
Area: 360 sqm
Type: built
Year: 2019
Furniture design: Operagamma / Ramoprimo
Fabric: Irisun
Contractor: Beijing Huayishengze Decorate Engineering Co., Ltd (北京华艺圣泽装饰工程有限公司)
On-site manager: Yuan WenJie (袁文杰)
Engineering: Yuan ZhiFeng (袁志锋)

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