Grand Central Saint-Lazare, Paris by Jacques Ferrier Architecture

A landmark scheme built in the heart of Paris

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由费尔叶·马切蒂建筑事务所(Ferrier Marchetti Studio)设计的圣拉扎尔(Saint-Lazare)综合体于车站旁落成,该建筑包含零售商店,餐厅,工作室,礼堂,空中花园,屋顶露台以及公共长廊。自大都市繁华的巴黎城市中心起,圣拉扎尔中央综合体成为过去十年中,建造最为复杂的新项目之一。

Ferrier Marchetti Studio has completed a mixed-use scheme adjacent to Saint-Lazare station, consisting of retail, restaurants, and workspace, alongside an auditorium, hanging gardens, rooftop terrace and public promenade. Emerging from the heart of Paris’ bustling metropolitan centre, Grand Central Saint-Lazare represents one of the most complex new projects to be built in central Paris over the last decade.

▼建筑外观,Overview © Luc Boegly

2013年,凯雷集团(The Carlyle Group)启动了这个比邻欧洲最繁忙的公共设施之一的项目,总部位于巴黎的Ferrier Marchetti Studio将此项目视为代表性作品。圣拉扎尔作为法国的第一个火车站,曾出现在伟大画家克劳德·莫奈的印象派绘画中,成为非凡的遗产。设计团队从中汲取灵感,旨在改善该地区过于密集的城市环境,帮助游客更好的体验巴黎精神。

In development since 2013 for The Carlyle Group, Grand Central Saint-Lazare is a flagship project for Paris-based practice Ferrier Marchetti Studio, situated beside one of the busiest urban infrastructure hubs in Europe. Drawing inspiration from Gare Saint-Lazare’s extraordinary heritage as the first railway station in France, and its presence within the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, the project is designed to reshape the district’s dense urban environment, and reconnect visitors to the spirit of Paris.

▼圣拉扎尔车站,Saint-Lazare station  © Luc Boegly

▼从建筑内即可看到火车站内景象,view of the railway station through the windows © Luc Boegly

该项目包括对保护性建筑豪斯曼大楼(Haussmann building)的修缮,此外新建一座占地20000平方米的7层楼现代建筑。自架空式底层开始铺设的大型彩色玻璃网格立面,体现着该建筑引人瞩目的现代化特征。


▼庭院配合柱廊式入口,带来丰富的城市景观,Permeable forecourt and peristyle feature entrance lobbies create fertile urban landscape. © Luc Boegly

The project is part restoration, part rehabilitation of a significant protected Haussmann building, with the addition of a contemporary 20,000m2 structure, reaching up to seven- storeys. The striking contemporary intervention is characterised by a delicately tinted glass grid façade, rising above peristyle lower floors.

The building is organised around an auditorium overhung by hanging gardens, reimagining the district as a fertile urban landscape, and calm city retreat. Permeable forecourt and peristyle feature entrance lobbies open the building up at street level, and lead to the entrance hall, restaurants and shops within. Above ground floor, the commercial space is innovative and flexible, with a façade grid and ceiling frame structure allowing for multiple configurations. Straddling the entire building is a public promenade, 2,000m2 of terraces and a green roof that will be used for agricultural purposes, including environmental workshops and learning sessions for the building’s 2,000 occupants.

▼建筑围合庭院, Courtyard enclosed by buildings © Luc Boegly

▼公共大厅,lobby © Luc Boegly

▼玻璃屋顶,glass roof  © Luc Boegly

▼空间连接,space connection  © Luc Boegly

▼阶梯座椅,stair seats  © Luc Boegly

▼礼堂,auditorium  © Luc Boegly

▼观众席,seating area  © Luc Boegly

该设计的灵感来源于莫奈的画作,圣拉扎尔车站。Ferrier Marchetti Studio将画作中的色彩,光线及历史融合进现代化的建筑立面中。倾斜的玻璃幕墙巧妙地反射了一天中天空及光线的不断变化,营造出一种亲切愉悦的氛围。每年有超过一亿名游客经过圣拉扎尔车站,动感的建筑立面可以为游客带来全新的空间体验。

The design of the new building is directly inspired by the chromatic palette of Monet’s Gare Saint-Lazare paintings, and Ferrier Marchetti Studio has infused the contemporary façade with colour, light and history. Its angled glass surfaces subtly reflect the shifting skies and differing qualities of light throughout the day, creating a relaxing ambience to counter the activity of the station – which over 100 million passengers pass through a year – offering travelers new aspects, and experiences of the space.

▼倾斜玻璃幕墙捕捉变化的云彩及光线。Angled glass surfaces subtly reflect the shifting skies and differing qualities of light.  © Luc Boegly

临近车站的一侧,Grand Central 的建筑立面很好的呼应了相邻建筑法国国家遗产(French National Heritage)古老的玻璃屋顶,将新建筑完美的融入到这一标志性建筑中。临近阿姆斯特丹大街的一侧,轻盈的彩色玻璃幕墙将新建筑与原有的奥斯曼建筑交织在一起。

On the station side of the building, Grand Central’s façade reflects the historic glass roof of the adjacent French National Heritage site, sensitively shaping itself within the context of this iconic architecture. On the rue d’Amsterdam side, the elevations of softly coloured glass interweave with the building, and the original Haussmann architecture.

▼新老建筑交织,Interweaving of the buildings form different generation © Luc Boegly

▼立面细部,facade detail © Luc Boegly


▼窗外巴黎美妙的景色,beautiful views over Paris © Luc Boegly

The eco-nourishing system on the rooftop offers 800sqm of urban field with views over Paris, accessible to all of the tenants within the building’s workspaces. The terraces include a wide variety of flora, from edible plants to native varieties of flowers, as well as rainwater management systems, beekeeping, and natural habitats for insects and birds. The planting of these spaces have been selected to produce year-round edibles, reduce air pollution in the atmosphere, and create a healthier, more sensory environment for the building’s users.

▼屋顶露台,terrace on top  © Luc Boegly

▼屋顶露台,繁盛的植被,wide variety of flora on the top  © Luc Boegly

雅克·费里尔(Jacques Ferrier)表示:“在对Grand Central Saint-Lazare的改造中,我们依照场地原有的情感脉络,创造了一个“感官”建筑。借用画家克劳德·莫奈描绘圣拉扎尔车站的手法,我们将现代化的金属结构和蒸汽机火车的意向相结合,并融入自然环境中云及光线的变化,创造出真正富丰富的感官体验。”

Jacques Ferrier said: “In our transformation of Grand Central Saint-Lazare, we have created an architecture of ‘sensations’ based on the emotional heritage of the site. In the manner of the painter Claude Monet who depicted his impressions of Saint-Lazare, we have mixed the modernity of metal structures with the recollections of steam locomotives and juxtaposed them against the movements of clouds and variations of light to create a truly sensory experience.”

▼开放平台,open terrace © Luc Boegly

▼植被变化提供丰富的感官,diversity plants provide more sensory environment for the building’s users © Luc Boegly

Investor: Union Investment
Developer: The Carlyle Group Project
Management: Redman Architect: Ferrier Marchetti Studio
Interior Design: Ferrier Marchetti Studio and CALQ
Lighting: Atelier H. Audibert
Landscape Designer: Agence TER

Jacques Ferrier Architecture is a branch of Ferrier Marchetti Studio

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