Mirasal Housing by Balzar Arquitectos & Julia Alcocer

White modern residential emerges from Spanish landscape

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Torrevieja是一个位于阿利坎特南部的海滨小镇,因其著名的旅游胜地而闻名。 身处地中海沿岸,当地风光秀丽的Las Lagunas de La Mata和Torrevieja自然公园具有极高的景观及生态价值。

Torrevieja is a seaside town located south of Alicante, known for its major tourism attraction. Its surroundings have a high landscape and ecological value on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park.

▼项目概览,project overview

远远眺望这个自然公园以及山谷间迷人的淡粉色盐湖,近期发展的建设城市化建设项目在其周边兴起。岛上没有建设完成的建筑,然而引人瞩目的地形和完整的三角形块清晰可见,Balzar Arquitectos和Julia Alcocer设计的Mirasal住宅区即坐落于此。

Distant views towards this natural park with mesmerizing light pink hue of the salt lagoon, a recently constructed urbanization in which there are no neighboring buildings yet, striking topography and a complete triangular block form the context in which Balzar Arquitectos and Julia Alcocer have designed the Mirasal residential complex.

▼从窗台远眺远方的淡粉色盐湖,distant view to the mesmerizing light pink hue of the salt lagoon

项目为了与周边环境相适应,以及解决对环境改造带来的影响,在建筑之中创造了一个大型的中庭花园。 建筑的设计力图寻求与地形间的协调,模拟自然的地势,希望通过水平空间比例构成和纯白色材质的可塑性,表达建筑自身连绵延续的整体。

The project resolves the placement on the lot by conforming to its perimeter, creating a large interior garden. The building seeks to harmonize with the topography, mimicking the levels of the natural terrain. It is architecture which aims to express itself as a whole, whose plasticity is a result of its horizontal proportions and white materials.

▼大型中庭花园,large interior garden

▼施工过程中的样板展示住宅,showroom apartments under construction

▼已建成的样板展示住宅,showrooms have been completed

▼已建成样板间细部,finished showroom details

▼纯白色的外墙给人以度假氛围及清新明快之感,white walls bring the sense of lightness in such vocation resorts


The building is currently under construction, with an estimated end date for the first phase of construction in early 2019. Recently, two show homes have been finished and equipped in order to commercialize the complex.

▼起居室内空间,living room interior

▼卧房室内空间,bedroom interior

▼厨房餐厅室内空间,kitchen-dinning interior

▼度假小镇的现代居住体验,modern living experience in scenic resort

▼室内细部,interior detail


▼在建设中的项目,project under construction

▼住宅立面效果图,elevation illustrations

▼项目设计模型,model of the project

Architects: Balzar Arquitectos & Julia Alcocer
Location: Torrevieja, España
Project Year: 2017
Construction Year: Under construction
Built Area: 7.214,53 m2
Developer: Samaguil
Lighting: Santa & Cole
Furniture: Expormim y Viccarbe.
Photography: Mariela Apollonio

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