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Photo ©  Peter Dixie 洛唐建筑摄影

全新品牌Aime Patisserie落户上海,选择了在淮海路的一片小台阶上建立旗舰店。它位于一个全新的大型高端购物中心对面,两旁尽是熟悉的咖啡店与油炸圈饼店,门前是一个繁忙的公共汽车站。这里人流众多但竞争激烈,不少商铺都在改善装璜、提高品质,所以它面对的第一个挑战就是在这里突围而出、吸引顾客,而我们的方案就是让家新店化身为一个全白色的礼品盒。

设计概念来自拆开Aime Patisserie包装盒的独特体验:捧着精美的盒子,一层层地打开透亮的半圆形包装纸,这揭示的过程让色彩缤纷的马卡龙更加吸引。我们把这种乐趣呈现在店铺的设计中:店铺招牌的平面设计和橱窗的立体屏风设计,分别用这四层半圆的图案去吸引路上行人,带着好奇心进内体验探索。

Aimé Pâtisserie, a new brand entering the Shanghai market, has positioned its flagship store in an elevated retail strip on Huai Hai Road. The chosen site is flanked by familiar coffee and donut franchises, and fronted by a city bus-stop. Across street is the recently opened shopping mall flaunting an array of luxury brands. The design challenge is to stand out from the chaos of the shop’s immediate surrounds and appeal to the clientele from the close-by gentrified neighborhood. Our strategy is to dress this newcomer up as a white gift.

The unwrapping experience of the Aimé gift box is translated into the physical store.  The idea of layering appears when we lift one semicircular translucent paper after another to discover the colourful macarons within. This opening sequence gives form to the overhead storefront design, while the four translucent layers at the window capture attention and direct passers-by to the central display cases.



Beyond the 4.5m retail storefront lies a turning L-shape layout divided into 2 zones: the foyer with bar seating and the display counter at the back.  With a lower ceiling, the former compresses views of the latter, yet frames the illuminated feature wall to draw in curious minds. Every step forward heightens the discovery of the playful interior where the 9m long counter showcases macarons and other goodies in perfect order.





The illuminated feature wall composed of stacked gift boxes at various states of opening draws one’s eyes up to the ceiling were the whimsical pattern  continues. The versatile modular system allows for necessary wall display shelves,  and ceiling openings for spotlights, speakers, and security devices.

In light of the neutral palette, evoking a gallery setting, we decide to play with shadow on the branding wall. Aluminum bands are twirled and bent to cast calligraphic shadows. We hope a visit to the Aimé Pâtisserie is an experience that fulfils all senses.





地点: 上海黄浦区
室内面积: 63平方米
设计范围: 店铺门面与室内设计,家具设计,灯光设计
设计期: 2013年10月至12月
施工期: 2013年12月至2014年2月
项目团队: 陆頴芝,李璐祎,舒炜, Scott Baker
特别鸣谢Jaycee Chui/MDO
灯光顾问: 杜志衡/路盛德灯光设计
施工队伍: 东德建设
摄影: Peter Dixie  洛唐建筑摄影

Area  63m2
Scope  Interior design, custom furniture & lighting design
Design  October –  December 2013
Construction  December 2013 – February 2014
Team Christina Luk, Mavis Li, Wesley Shu, Scott Baker.
Special thanks to Jaycee Chui of More Design Office
Lighting Consultant  German To for Lucent Lit Co. Ltd.
General Contractor  Dongde Decor
Photography  Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography





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