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To remove the excess decoration in design, we leave the depth of field of lacquer texture and color blocks in the residential space. Owners in the technology industry focus on the precision and practicality of spatial measurement, so we reduce artificial design and enhance the intuitive function. With the texture of paints on various materials to replace the decorative masonry, we arrange pieces of meticulous organic blocks for this elegant off-white space and increase the visual senses with the tone. You can image it as a vivid and interesting space with depth of field as the theme.


▼一片淡雅的灰白基底空间裡,割出一块块精细的撞色有机块体,pieces of meticulous organic blocks for the elegant off-white space

▼各个空间似乎是被装填在整座载体中的矩形量体,each place seems to be a rectangular volume filled in the entire interior space

各个空间似乎是被装填在整座载体中的矩形量体,藉由深浅巧妙地切割用途、转换并导引空间的分隔,为坪数不大的案场延展需要盛载的功能分配。底材运用白橡木皮染色工法,在牆体一遍遍刮除、堆叠出不尽相同的灰阶及渐层的色块层次,在几何块体的堆砌排列下,以块状之姿、量体之态彼此串连在对角的空间。空间的艺术成为融合几何图像、线条、色彩的总合,犹如James Turrell《Corner Shallow Space》系列的表现形式,在牆面向内挖出几何形体,如同一个个嵌在牆体的角落,我们利用不同角度、深浅与色彩的变幻强化各区域的不同维度,消融并延伸灰阶背景的感官边界。观者走入一座仿彿排列与错落并行的巨型立方体之间,感受空间沉稳份量感之馀的各处玩味角落。

Each place seems to be a rectangular volume filled in the entire interior space to guide the flow indirectly and separate every function for allocation of this small-scale apartment. The substrate is lacquered with white oak hand painting which was scraped and piled up different layers of grey color blocks over and over again. The space is arranged in each geometric block, and these blocks are connected each other in diagonal areas ingeniously. The combination of geometric shapes, lines and colors is like series of art work Corner Shallow Space from artist James Turrell. As the artist dug out geometric shapes like corners embedded in the wall, we use different angles, shades and colors to enhance different dimensions of each block, dissolve and extend the sensory grayscale background. When viewers walk into here, the space seems to be arranged in giant cubes, scattered in parallel and staggered, they can feel the calm and sense of volume in each corner of filed.

▼客厅,living room

▼书房,reading room

▼书房及书房视角,reading room and the view

▼餐厅,dinning room

▼入口及餐厅,the entrance and the dinning room



The progressive line of sight painted with different pigments and builds up the depth of field in each block. The entrance was bombinated with volume of veneer and leather, and collocated the advanced and retreated matrixes which made of yakisugi ban, this kind of multi-level extends to the bathroom area, creating a large setback square into a fascinating scenery. It breaks the linear layout of the corridor, and highlights the art of blues, extending to the whole corridor including door, cabinet and wall of bedroom area. The line of sight of the corridor ends up with red pigment on the blue, and correlates the red wall of the study area to respond the depth of filed. This red wall, which shielded the sunlight before plan arranged, was become a semi-open study area, and was used the skill of Chinese ink painting to brush red pattern on its surface to highlight the unique and classic texture. In this space, people can enjoy the fascinating view in each frame from any angles with the fluctuating blocks that show depth of field as the theme.


▼主卧,master bedroom

▼卧室与走廊,bedroom and the corridor

▼主卧卫生间,master bathroom

▼客卫,restroom for guest


空间设计:李智翔. 曾思孃. 张子轩. 黄昱诚 /水相设计

Designer: Waterfrom Design
Client: Mr. Hsieh
Category: Residential
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Area: 114m2
Layout: living room. dining room. kitchen. study area. master room. child room. bathroom
Material:Gray double color hand paint, white texture hand paint, blue double color hand paint, red and black oak skin paint, blue and white oak skin paint, red stoving varnish, blue stoving varnish, orange stoving varnish, Indian black stone, black layer board stoving varnish (red. black), mesh (white stoving varnish), black silestone, black veneer, yakisugi ban
Design Period:2018.01-2018.07
Construction Period:2018.07-2019.01
Photographer:Kuomin Lee
Copyright: Waterfrom Design

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