General Administration of Sports of China Winter Training Center and Supporting Facilities in Beijing, China by CCTN Design

Remain the original industrial structure, reproducing the collective memory of the Industrial Age

Project Specs


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▼项目外观,external view of the project

The General Administration of Sports of China Winter Training Center and supporting facilities project is located in the northern area of the main plant of Shougang, west to Xihuanchang Road, east to Dianchang East Road, south to the west extension of Sigaolu South Road, and north to Xiuchi South Street. The construction scale is 86,849.08 square meters. It is a renovation project of Shougang Old Industrial Zone.

▼冰壶馆、冰球馆内部道路东向透视,east view of the curling and ice hockey hall


The overall design adheres to the design concept of excavating industrial remains, creating a humane park, and presenting the Olympic spirit. The project is divided into nine units: clean coal workshop, ice hockey hall, metalworking workshop, athlete’s apartment building 1-4#, tennis hall, and hotel-style apartment.

▼功能分析图,function analysis


The above-ground construction area of the clean coal workshop renovation project is approximately 25,300 square meters. The original volume scale is preserved, and the huge volume is divided into three venue spaces: speed skating, figure skating and curling through the method of breaking into parts, and the original structural features are retained and reused.


▼精煤车间外观,external view of the clean coal workshop

▼建筑外观保留原本的结构特征,original structure remained in the appearance of the building

▼立面上外凸的开窗,extruded windows on the facade

▼南侧局部,partial appearance of the southern side


By selecting materials cleverly, the design eliminates the long, narrow and monotonous facade of the original building. On the south façade, while retaining the 36-meter-span facade form of the old building, it also presents a sense of speed of competitive sports by selecting four different texture panels to highlight the density changes of materials. The color of the materials is “Shougang Red”, which is consistent with the overall tone of the park. It forms a “one big and one small, one hard and one soft, one high and one low, one red and one gray” contrast with the gray-tone onshore training center on the north side, bringing a contrasting visual beauty. At the same time, the old anti-wind pillars were exposed during the renovation of the clean coal workshop, reproducing the collective memory of the industrial age.

▼设计草图,design sketch

▼西立面采用大面积开窗,east facade with large area of glass

▼透过立面开窗隐约可以看到老建筑保留的工业结构,industrial structure of the original building could be seen from the out side

▼东南立面,southeast facade

▼主入口,老建筑的防风柱暴露在外,main entrance, anti-wind pillars of the original building exposed

▼立面结构细部,details of the facade and the structure

▼灰色的陆上训练中心与红色的精煤车间形成对比,the grey tone of the onshore training center contrasting with the red tone clean coal workshop

▼陆上训练中心外观,external view of the onshore training center

▼陆上训练中心立面细部,closer view of the facade of the onshore training center


The remaining industrial remains in the building, such as concrete columns, crane beams, and scissor diagonal braces, play a structural support role while enhancing the indoor industrial atmosphere, presenting an unprecedented “industrial characteristic ice and snow stadium” style.

▼剖透视,保留原本的工业结构,perspective section, remaining the original industrial structure


▼陆上训练用房室内,interior of the onshore training center

▼冰壶馆室内,interior of the curling hall

▼室内竞赛场景,competition in the halls


The design implements the ecological principle, having all the existing large trees on the south side retained. The Rhythmic Plaza is opened on the east side to provide a place for the public to communicate and rest. The lines extending from the building facade divide the square into rich and diverse functional blocks. The rail route used to transfer materials is transformed into a linear waterscape. The mark of history intertwines with the spirit of the place, which embodies Shougang’s spiritual outlook of “remembering history and facing the future”.

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan



项目名称: 国家体育总局冬季训练中心及配套设施项目(精煤车间改造)
主创建筑师: 薄宏涛
建筑面积(平方米):25265 m²
竞赛照明:(昕诺飞(中国)投资有限公司) 刘登星

Project Name: General Administration of Sports of China Winter Training Center and Supporting Facilities Project (Clean Coal Workshop Renovation)
Project Address: Shijingshan District, Beijing
Design Unit: CCTN Design Hangzhou, Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Website:
Lead Architect: Hongtao Bo
Complete List of the Design Team: Architecture (CCTN Design Hangzhou): Hongtao Bo, Wei Gao, Zhicong Zhang, Zixu Xing, Lei Jin | Structural Electromechanics (Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.): Junda Hou, Zhaocun Wang, Gang Chen, Hui Li, Nifei Yuan, Yue Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Yungen Li, Jing Wang
Owner (Beijing Shouao Real Estate Co., Ltd.): Shizhong Wang, Hua Liu, Hongli Jin, Daming Wang, Jingyuan Li
Cost: 246 million
Building Status: Completed
Design Time (start and end year and month): 2016.12-2017.5
Construction Time (start and end year and month): 2017.5-2018.6
Land Area (m²): 48,673 m²
Construction Area (m²): 25,265 m²
Landscape: (ECOLAND (Beijing) Planning and Design Co., Ltd.): Yuezhong Chen, Bin Wang, Xiao Mo, Lingdan Kong, Xiaodan Hu
Interior: (Beijing Qingshang Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.): Lei Yu, Shuangqiu Huang
Floodlighting: (Shanghai Meico Lighting Design Consulting Co., Ltd.): Jun Wang, Zhu Jin, Xuesheng Ji
Competition Lighting: (Signify (China) Investment Co., Ltd.): Dengxing Liu
Construction: Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Material: Concrete hanging board, glass curtain wall, metal roof
Photographer: He Chen

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