Xiamen Youth Practice Base in Siming District, China by CCTN DESIGN

Natural intervention in restoring mountain landscape

Chang’an Mills Plaza, China by CCTN

After the transformation, Shougang brings together people and ideas from different industries

OCT Jining Grand Canal Culture&Art Center, China by CCTN DESIGN

The time container

Regeneration Project of Shougang Oxygen Factory Southern Area, China by CCTN Architectural Design

Inject “oxygen” into Winter Olympic Park

Shanghai Junkang Finacial Plaza by CCTN Architectural Design

A “Lotus” blooming on the sea

Jiangxi Academy of Painting Art Museum in Jingdezhen, China by CCTN Architectural Design Co. Ltd.

The transformation and rebirth of the Jianguo Porcelain Factory

Wuzhong Museum, China by CCTN Architectural Design Co. Ltd.

A seal of Wuzhong local culture, is deeply embedded in the scenery of Jiangnan

Linping Sports Park Rest station, Hangzhou, China by CCTN Architectural Design

Public washroom blends into the nature

General Administration of Sports of China Winter Training Center and Supporting Facilities in Beijing, China by CCTN Design

Remain the original industrial structure, reproducing the collective memory of the Industrial Age

Shougang Three Blast Furnace Museum, China by CCTN Design

Step into the magnificent steel beast