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A celestial sphere

Project Specs


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“该空间的设计构思是打造一个纯净、明亮的单色空间,让人如同步入一个抽象的艺术空间般,感到身心的放松和情感的释放。” X说道。“人对色彩的感知非常敏感,因而色彩可以激发人的情绪和思维。”

“The idea was to create a pure, bright monochrome space that facilitates a release of the mind and the expansion of human perceptions, as if walking onto a non-objective art canvas,” explains X. “Color has great influence over human perception and has an extraordinary ability to influence moods and emotions.”


Redefining imagination


The philosophy of superiority of color over human perception was the driving force behind the creation of a space designed to free the minds of its patrons, and where perceptual sets can intervene to influence people’s perceptions and the way that they interact with their surrounding environment. The brightness and clarity of the bar’s monochrome interior is other-worldly, conjuring perceptions of a clear and open space, devoid of color influences typically attributable to the power of man and nature.

▼纯净的蓝色空间,the bright and clear blue space

基于对Kazimir Malevich意识形态的反思,设计师Monoloko将空间的单色调机制结合俄国至上主义基本原则(至上主义是一个致力于纯粹艺术感觉和基本几何形态的抽象艺术运动—)。该想法旨在打造一个富有创造力的开放性空间,在这里,光源与色彩将改变人对酒吧三维几何家具的视觉感受,而这些家具的组合方式和单一材料选择都是符合至上主义的。

Reflecting the ideology of Kazimir Malevich, Monoloko then combined the space’s monochrome color scheme with the fundamental principles of Suprematism, an abstract art movement dedicated to pure artistic feeling and basic geometric forms. The idea was to create an imaginative open space where light sources and color will alter visual perceptions of the bar’s three-dimensional geometric furnishings, defined as Suprematist in composition and mono-material in implementation.

▼至上主义家具组合,the Suprematism furnishing



A celestial sphere


Layered over the space’s bright blue hue, Monoloko endeavored to create a heavenly atmosphere resembling a limitless universe through the creation of a spatial light installation, consisting of flexible neon light enveloped in a polyurethane shell. The resulting effect is the perception of a non-objective free space, where patrons can take a step back from their traditional views of time and substance.

▼如临仙境的霓虹,a limitless universe through the creation of a spatial light installation




Project Data
Client—Zagovor Brewery
Architect—Maxim Kashin
Area—75 sq.m.
Budget—50,000 euros
Project completion—April 2018
Photographer—Dmitry Chebanenkov

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