G.M.Gallery: Renovation of a decommissioned building in 798, Beijing by Linjian Design Studio

Sprawling upward.

Project Specs


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The project transformed an old 2-storey building into a new gallery that sits in 798 Art Zone which comprises a complex of 50-year-old decommissioned military factory buildings, located in Dashanzi, Chaoyang District of Beijing, and houses a thriving artistic community. The renovation process of the old building is intensified. Placed in the middle of a high-density campus, the construction time is quite limited. There are a lot of unexpected negotiations needs to be done.

▼项目外观,appearance of the renovated structure

▼改造前的外观,the building before renovation


We use the word “Sprawl” as the source of inspiration. A word contains endless imagination about space, and we want to figure out a geometrical language that describes this kind of continuous and upward feelings. So we propose the core concept of “Space Sprawl”.

▼建筑灵感来源于“蔓延”,design was inspired by the “Sprawl”


We open the facade of a solid package, set the corner of stairways that made by glass to show the rising framework of the inner space. This is the visual language to communicate with the outside world, meanwhile, showing that maybe it is only the tip of the iceberg. With the technique of laying the surface of large area, the internal space is spread out endlessly, giving an impressive infinite tension.

▼转角处的楼梯空间展示建筑不断爬升的骨架,the corner of stairway enclosed by glass shows the rising framework of the inner space


Enter the indoor staircase after entering the first floor, and then get through the second floor, there is an open-air yard, then enter the main hall space, such a walking route makes the guest blurred the boundaries of indoor and outdoor, enhance the feelings of space. A solid package inside the building built another outdoor space, this comparison makes an experience of the surprise and the spatial relationship between the inside and outside reproduce the spread and circulation.


▼由楼梯进入上层展厅,the staircase leads to the upper-floor exhibition area


In the main hall, the wall blur the vertical and horizontal boundaries with curved transition to the top. With the annular surface light and the entrance door, this is another “Sprawl” occurrence in the space of a situation.

▼主展厅,main exhibition wall

▼墙面用弧形过渡到顶面,the wall blur the vertical and horizontal boundaries with curved transition to the top


On the third floor balcony, there is a revolving staircase, the sky and the corresponding white staircase blurs the vision of the upper and lower boundary, and the spirit of space makes infinite reverie.

▼楼梯空间给人无限遐想,the verticle circulation space blurs the boundary of vision

门,是彼此空间交流的关键媒介,我们将它的重要结构门框捏出一个适当的弧度作为把手,使得一个结构自然的蔓延到另一个之上,让该空间内的每一个哪怕细节的动作都由核心概念生成。玻璃空间内的 楼梯扶手亦是如此。

The door, is the key medium of communication with each other. With its important structure frame, we pinch out an appropriate radian as a handle which makes a structure naturally spreading above to another. Make every detail movements in the space generated by the core concept. So is the stair handrail in the glass space.

▼门把手上蔓延的细节,detail of the radian handle

▼一层售卖空间,retail on the ground floor


项目名称:蔓空间 G.M.Gallery
设计时间:2016年12月~ 2017年2月
施工时间:2017年2月~ 5月

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