ARC ZERO – NIMBUS By James Tapscott

Passing through a significant space both physically and spiritually.

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位于Hotokizaki Kanon-ji当地寺庙入口处的艺术装置,以其精致壮观的外貌为来访者指明了入庙的方向。远山的冰川雨雪化作流淌的溪水,穿越森林与农田,沿途逐枝灌溉。而散发着水雾的环形装置如横跨在水面上的桥,它将溪水雾化,洒向天空,犹如在自然中循环着的水,以固,液,气三种姿态孜孜不倦的供给着生命之源。

Situated at the entrance to an important local Buddhist Temple, Hotokizaki Kanon-ji, a delicate yet imposing artwork beckons viewers along the pathway leading to the temple grounds. A ring of mist encircles a bridge spanning a small river which becomes the source of the mist. The river itself begins in the nearby mountains where the winter snow is still melting and flows through the densely forested site to supply local farms with water. The artwork’s circular shape represents this cyclical journey of the water, through all physical states (solid, liquid, gas) down the mountain, and eventually back up again through the air to form snowflakes.

▼环形喷雾装置,the ring of mist





The viewer’s experience of the work is one of crossing a threshold, passing through a significant space both physically and spiritually, as they enter the Temple grounds.During the day the mist plays with the ambient wind and lighting conditions to produce crepuscular rays throughout the site, and occasionally creating circular rainbows around the viewer. In the darker hours the mist is illuminated from lighting embedded within the ring’s structure, taking on a fiery glow.

▼内置照明系统,the the mist is illuminated from lighting embedded within the ring’s structure in the dark



English text: James Tapscott
Chinese text: gooood editor Lu Lu

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