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the space as an artwork or sculpture

Project Specs


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“Something new does not stand beside the old but grows out of it and is interwoven with the old.”
—— Peter Zumthor


01 空间的诗意
The poetry of space


The progressive space division runs through the entire project space. At the entrance, we used black artistic paint and mottled metal steel plates. The black hole generally absorbs light in a large area. The black volume and the white meeting area form a dividing line from the ground to the top. The bright floor-to-ceiling windows are even brighter at this time, such as guiding the steps toward the exit of the tunnel.

▼入口,the entrance ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉

▼入口长桌,long table at the entrance ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


The relationship between design and art has always been complicated. They may resist, repel and adhere to each other. The boundaries between them have also been broken. Isamu Noguchi has designed many “objects” with artistic and sculptural attributes. We are also considering whether the space itself can be designed as an artwork or sculpture and expressed by the space itself.

▼透明座椅,the transparent seat ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉

▼细部,detail ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


This kind of thinking also runs through other places. We creative many details and stories in the whole black wall and use its own volume to form a “sculptural sense”. The wall dividing the meeting area and the office area, giving the space a breath, allowing light and air to flow inside and outside. A red beam set above the space is a point-shaped block surface in the meeting space, but a linear block surface that runs through in the office space.

▼雕塑感的墙体,the sculptural sense of the wall ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉

▼细部,details ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


02 去城市库存
de-urban inventory


With the development and change of the times, the emergence of urban inventory has become inevitable. Here we try to solve some existing urban problems and add the concept of “de-urban inventory” as an element to awaken people’s disregard for the real existence and marginalization. Memory of things.

▼开放办公空间,open plan office ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


Stainless steel fire-fighting water tanks were once a necessary facility for every house. In addition to providing fire-fighting water sources for the fire brigade, they can also provide clean drinking water when the urban water network is paralyzed. However, as an indispensable thing, how many people know what “it” is like? When “it” is eliminated after a few years, where will it go? The water tank is composed of an array of square 1mx1m modules. Each module is embedded with a convex hemisphere. It is a natural unit model. In our opinion, it is not only sculptural, but also a kind of decoration in the space. , Is also a fragment, evoking memory and expressing attitude.

▼不锈钢消防水箱,stainless steel fire-fighting water tanks ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


The water tank is also a reflection and experiment of our “usage doctrine”: “Bring the industrialized products and daily necessities that already exist in the world, and redesign them to form a space, which can be recycled and reused after use. This is also the case. The most common industrial objects collide and merge with art and vital natural things.” The dismantled and re-disassembled water tank can be given new life and become a part of the space again as furniture. When we were designing, while considering the functionality of the table, we also implanted its ritual and humor. Turn the whole table into an hourglass, feel the passage of time, the past and the present, the present and the future, and thinking will be produced.

▼以工业物品为装饰,using industrial objects as decoration ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


03 展现本质
About essence


Regarding reality, the stripped concrete pillars are presented in the most authentic style without excessively embellished language. Presumably, before this space was redesigned, its former owner walked in front of these pillars. When it was poured out under the operation of workers, it left round holes created by steel bars.

▼独立办公室中的混凝土墙体,the exposed concrete wall in the independent offices ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


There is no need for too much modification. Sometimes the pure form given by the space itself, the color and structure of its expression can blur the boundary between the complex and the simple, bringing a more “real” spatial feeling.

▼办公桌设计,the desks ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


04 开放与私密
Open and private


The office space is divided into two by a straight and dim light beam, one side represents openness and the other side represents privacy. The open space is divided into several areas by the concrete wall that grows from the ground. The waist-height wall ensures the openness to a greater extent while maintaining the unity of the space, increases the interaction of users, and is not trapped in small compartments. In, we have conceived how to use it, hoping that users can communicate and exchange, think and discuss in it.

▼透明隔断,the transparent partition ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


The black cabinet body and the red linear block surface extend together, filling the entire area, and the water tank element is awakened again. As a practical existence, it is hidden; as a space vocalist, it is so vivid. The sunlight is gently introduced from the gradient frosted glass, and the independent office on the other side shows a completely different side. More is the coexistence of personality, collection, preferences, diversity and coordination.

▼风格多样的办公室,diversified independent offices ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉

▼展示藏品的壁橱,displaying the collections ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


05 品牌印迹
Brand Imprint

在整个项目空间中的,色彩的运用简单纯粹,除了黑、白、混凝土的本色外,只点缀了少量的红色与蓝色,用最简单的语言展现更丰富的设计。我们泛域设计Fununit Design的LOGO,也是同样的配色,将品牌的印迹融入在空间中,当使用者身处其中时并在空间中行走时,品牌的相貌与气质便被记住,从立体的维度中刻入脑海,这是所有Fununit Design能真切认同,且每一位来访者都能感受到的。

In the entire project space, the use of color is simple and pure. In addition to the natural colors of black, white, and concrete, only a small amount of red and blue are dotted, showing a richer design in the simplest language. The LOGO of Fununit Design, is also the same color scheme, integrating the brand’s imprint into the space. When the user is in it and walking in the space, the appearance and temperament of the brand will be remembered, from the three-dimensional The dimension is engraved into the mind, this is what all Fununit Design can truly agree with, and every visitor can feel it.

▼细部,detail ©施峥/奥观建筑视觉


Interesting is an expression of pure characteristics, and it is the most desired luxury in contemporary society. We are working hard to find the essence, relationship, reality and a simple touch between each unit in architecture, space and things.

▼平面图,plan ©泛域设计

项目名称 泛域设计办公空间 
设计单位:泛域设计Fununit Design
施工单位:INNERFIX 奕赋筑造

PROJECT NAME:Fununit Design Office Space
DESIGN GROUP:Eric Zhou,Kelly Lv,Qianlan Lu
LIGHTNING DESIGN:Hangzhou Lehan Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.
PROJECT ADDRESS:Sino-Ocean International Center

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