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Interior design for a new flower shop, in a department store. As the project is located next to various other shops, the restrictions for the construction and time schedule was strict. Irritants such as noise, smell, transport of materials through the store and construction work in general had to be taken into account and kept to a minimum. Materials and possible construction methods were discussed in detail with the constructor throughout the design development to ensure a satisfying building process and end result.

▼花店概览,overview of the florist ©Norihito Yamauchi



▼花店局部,在天花板下方安装新的管道系统,以便于进行灵活的照明设计,partial view of the florists, new duct rails are installed below, allowing for more flexible light settings in the store ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼乙烯基地板在地面上铺开,然后顺着工作台向上延伸,覆盖了工作台的侧面和顶面,the vinyl floor sheets curve up from the floor, and rise up to cover the side and top of the work counters ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼工作台与地面相接处的乙烯基覆层细节,details of the curves where floors and work counters meet ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼乙烯基覆层细节,details of the vinyl floor sheets ©Norihito Yamauchi

Florists use a lot of water and cut flower stems, leafs and petals will end up scattered on the floor during the workday. Therefore, Vinyl floor sheeting was selected as the floor material due to its resistance to dirt, easy maintenance and nonslip properties. Furthermore, Vinyl floor sheeting could easily be installed in a short period of time. Being called a new building material Vinyl floor sheeting has advantages of being easy to process homogenous in material texture and colour and inexpensive. However, it is a material often deselected by architects due to its synthetic nature. After selecting Vinyl floor sheeting as a material for the design, We considered the possibilities of the material, and how it could be used different from other flooring materials. The vinyl floor sheets curves up from the floor, and rises up to cover the side and top of the work counters, one continuous material connecting the surfaces. The work counter covered in Vinyl has the same properties as the floor, high durability and dirt resistant.

The furniture is created from studs and structural plywood that can be bought at DIY stores. The studs and bolts system allowed for easy transport and assembly shortening the construction period and allowing possible changes in the future. The existing ceiling is damaged and uneven; however, as it is the property of the department store it was not allowed to be changed for this project. Disconnecting and abandoning the decade old fluorescent lamps, new duct rails was installed below, allowing for more flexible light settings in the store.

▼家具细节,furniture details ©Norihito Yamauchi


The type of materials used in this project is the same as you can see all around the department store, however by using these generic materials in new and different ways I aimed to change the atmosphere of the space.

▼由双头螺栓和结构胶合板制成的家具,the furniture created from studs and structural plywood ©Norihito Yamauchi

▼平面图,plan ©SHIMPEI ODA ARCHITECT’S OFFICE + Atelier Loowe Inc.

▼剖面图,section ©SHIMPEI ODA ARCHITECT’S OFFICE + Atelier Loowe Inc.

Project name: Florist RAN・RAN
Architect’ Firm: SHIMPEI ODA ARCHITECT’S OFFICE & Atelier Loowe Inc.
Lead Architects: Shimpei Oda & Yoshifumi Van
Project location: Takatsuki city, Osaka Pref
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 51.30 m2
Lighting designer: Takahiro Muranishi
Photo credits: Norihito Yamauchi
Builder: Atelier Loowe Inc.
Brands / Products:
1. TOLI Corporation Flooring
2. DAIKO Lighting Equipment

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