First Boutique of Quartz Co. by Quartz Co. + Blanchette Architectes + Rainville Sangaré

Inspired by the contemporary Nordic lifestyle

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本项目的业主Quartz Co.是一家专门从事冬季夹克制造的加拿大公司。受业主委托,Blanchette Architectes事务所联合Rainville Sangaré事务所以及A+工程管理团队共同打造了Quartz Co.品牌的首家精品实体店。设计团队分工明确,合作紧密:家具由Rainville Sangare设计和定制,而Blanchette Architectes负责空间设计,A+团队则负责品牌营销与工程管理。

Quartz Co., a company specializing in Canadian-made winter jackets, enlisted Blanchette Architectes, Rainville Sangaré and A+ to develop its first retail space. The furniture was designed and built by Rainville Sangaré, while Blanchette Architectes was responsible for the space’s design. The two firms worked in conjunction with the marketing team at Quartz Co. as well as the project-management team at A+.

▼店铺外观,appearance of the boutique © Rainville Sangaré

“首家实体店是带有实验性质的,我们的目标是,在未来的几年中在全球开设更多的Quartz Co. 实体店”Quartz Co. 公司的全球市场和传播总监Francis Guindon说道,“作为实践的一部分,我们必须考虑到零售业发展的新趋势,包括注重多渠道品牌体验、高端定制、展览式的精品店模式以及个性化服务策略等。” “在建筑层面上,我们力图通过永不过时的极简主义设计,以创新的手法营造出独一无二的空间体验。”Blanchette Architectes事务所的首席建筑师Patrick Blanchette说道。

“We see this first space as a sort of laboratory; our goal is to open more Quartz Co. stores around the globe in the coming years,” said Francis Guindon, Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Quartz Co. “As part of this exercise, we had to take into consideration the new reality of retail, including a multi-channel brand experience, a high-end approach, a showroom-like physical atmosphere and a personalized-service strategy.” “At the architectural level, our mandate was to develop a unique universe by focusing on minimalism, timelessness and innovation,” said Patrick Blanchette, Architect and President of Blanchette Architectes.

▼店铺室内空间概览,overall of the interior © Rainville Sangaré

项目由两个部分组成,一侧为工作室,另一侧为精品店。人们从街道上便可以清晰地看到工作室内的场景,这种设置,彰显出Quartz Co.品牌对于本土制造怀有的自豪感。另一侧的商品零售区内,由Blanchette Architectes设计的灯光、镜面墙、网格式的吊顶、屏幕与Rainville Sangaré事务所设计定制的家具一起共同形成Quartz Co.店铺的独特风格。产品展架设置在镜面墙的壁龛中,打破了连续的空间节奏,带给人们与众不同的空间体验。此外,镜面墙还起到了试衣镜的作用,使顾客得到全方位多角度的反馈。

On one side of the space is the workshop. Visible from the street, it proudly highlights the fact that the brand’s wares are manufactured locally. On the other side is the boutique, which features an interplay of lights, mirrors, grids and screens developed by Blanchette Architectes as well as custom-made furniture by Rainville Sangaré. The mirrored walls, which are punctuated by displays of coats in alcoves, offer an alternate perception of the space, and the double reflection provides the customer with multiple views — useful when trying on clothes.

▼产品展架设置在镜面墙的壁龛中,The mirrored walls are punctuated by displays of coats in alcoves © Rainville Sangaré

▼富有工业气息的网格吊顶、镜面墙与混凝土地面,Industrial gridded ceiling, mirrored walls with concrete floors © Rainville Sangaré

▼收银台,the cashier © Rainville Sangaré

Rainville Sangare的设计师们在高端材料制作工艺方面拥有极高的专业水平,因此,本项目中家具作品充分迎合了业主的需求,营造出舒适和谐的空间与视觉效果。除此之外,工作室还为本项目特别设计了展架系统,该系统由不锈钢杆制成,无需依附在墙壁上,而是通过摩擦和张力将它们固定在原位,除了悬挂展品的水平杆件与底部的紧固件保持可见外,其他部分仿佛消失在空中一般,形成神奇的漂浮效果。在选材方面,Rainville Sangare事务所秉承了环保节能的设计理念,在最大程度上保证了材料的可回收性。本地生产并获得FSC认证的梣木,作为家具的主要制作材料之一,以其自然的木质纹理与周围室内环境形成和谐的对比,为空间注入了温暖的质感。

Rainville Sangaré used its expertise in noble materials and manufacturing processes to create harmony between the presentation of products and the physical and visual comforts sought by the customer. In addition to the furniture, the studio designed a system of stainless-steel poles that don’t need to be attached to the walls; instead, friction and tension hold them in place. Hardware and fastening pieces were left visible to demonstrate the accuracy with which the job was carried out. The materials are intentionally chosen and left raw to minimize production energy and to maximize post use disassembly and recycling. Ash – locally sourced and FSC-certified – was used to contrasts the wood texture with surrounding materials and infuse a touch of warmth to the space.

▼自然的木质纹理为空间增添了一丝温暖,the wooden texture infuses a touch of warmth to the space © Rainville Sangaré

▼特制的不锈钢杆衣架仿佛飘浮在空中,system of stainless-steel poles that don’t need to be attached to the walls © Rainville Sangaré

“这种保留材料天然质感的设计方法彰显出材料的高端品质与精湛的制作工艺,同时,也与Quartz Co.的产品理念与品牌文化高度契合。 ”工业设计师兼事务所合伙人Lambert Rainville解释说。项目的设计将工业的精确性和艺术的敏感性融合在一起,从侧面反映出Quartz Co.品牌的产品制作过程。设计的每处细节都彰显出该品牌对高端手工艺的追求。由于店内零售的外套都是于当地制作的,设计师因此希望将这个特点反应在空间与材料中,这就是设计团队选用当地盛产的梣木与带有工业风格的混凝土与不锈钢的原因。

“It is an approach to design that reveals the quality of materials and the rigour of the workmanship; this aligns with the vision of the company, which also develops its products with this approach,” explained Lambert Rainville, Industrial Designer and Co-founder of Rainville Sangaré. A combination of industrial precision and artistic sensibility, the design is a reflection of how Quartz Co. creates and manufactures its coats. The interior details speak to the brand’s quest for handmade high-end products. Since the coats are made locally, the design choices for the space also had to tell this story, which is why the teams opted for materials such as ash, the most common wood species on the island of Montreal, and solid industrial materials such as concrete and stainless steel.

▼底部紧固件与水平杆件细部,details of the fastening pieces and the horizontal hardware © Rainville Sangaré

▼不锈钢桌脚细部,details of the stainless steel table foot © Rainville Sangaré

▼固定挂钩细部,details of the secure hook © Rainville Sangaré

Client: Quartz Co.

Interior design: Quartz Co., Blanchette Architectes and Rainville Sangaré

Furniture and shelving system: Rainville Sangaré et Mesure

Design and construction management: A+
(Photos: Rainville Sangaré)
Quartz Co.
Francis Guindon
Director of Global Marketing and Communications

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