Firestation, Guizhou, China by West-line studio

A dash of red on plateau.

Project Specs


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大学城消防应急救援中心建设项目位于贵州高原中部——贵阳市贵安新区的核心区域,项目基地系夹于两峰之间,前后高差30米的坡地,基地呈梯形状,南边长352米,北边长137米,东边长180米, 西边长95米;基地东边花燕路宽46米,南边城市道路宽30米,东北为花燕互通立交,距离约300米。

The fire station is located at the very center of Guizhou Province, near its main city, Guiyang. The building grows in between two steep trapezoid-shaped picks, 30m high, facing Huayan Road, an important road artery.

▼建筑依山而建,the architecture is cascading along the slope

– 位置经营:因山就势的地形设计。充分利用山地特征,平行退台组织空间,借助山势达成恢宏的建筑意象。
– 公共模型:尝试建立以荣誉厅为核心的应急救援系统+办公系统+体能训练系统+荣誉与普及教育系统组合的有荣誉与教化感的部队公共生活模型。
– 单元同构:整个项目实践了空间“单元平行成组+复加”的组织方式;以单坡梯形剖面为基本单元,实现了从大功能空间到小天窗群组的全面贯彻。
– 氛围制造:山地路径系统+梯间的氛围制造,二者共同营造出特殊的山地氛围与教化氛围。
– 光的意象:以天窗群、线条集蓄意营造与不同功能空间相吻合的匀质的漫射光环境,与具有象征意味的强投射光。

The building is designed following a trapezoidal shape, clearly visible in its sections, which carries on the shape of the mountain. It gradually grows creating an iconic slope, from which only few elements pump out: the training tower on the north corner and the white central hall.The plan is quite complex, due to the morphological features of the site. The building is made by a succession of parallel bands to combine different programs and it is arranged on many levels.These are connected by outdoor corridors and boardwalk which, due to the mild temperatures, have been equipped with relax areas, reading rooms and sport equipment to encourage socialization.


▼内部庭院,internal courtyards


The design of this hall is deliberately different from the rest of the building, aiming to create a holy space, the so called ‘Honor Hall’. A thick white and deep shadows characterize this high sharp space, used for ceremonies where to reward brave fire mans and to strengthen the spirit of the whole team. As in the most typical style of West-line, a severe strong architecture always meets open courtyards, some more wide and open, where to exercise and practice group sports, others more quiet, with water features, to create different environments. The light also plays an important role giving different personalities to different spaces.

▼入口前厅中光的氛围,the lighting environment in the entryhall


▼其他公共空间也利用天窗进行采光,the skylight in the circulation space


While on the swimming pool or indoor sports playground we have a diffuse light, in the Honor Hall the light is ‘measured’ to highlight only few architectural elements and to create iconic shadows. Architects paid particular attention to the design of the staircase. Far from being only passages or connection between different floors, these cores have long cantilevered areas and their own lighting system.

▼彩色天窗照耀下斑斓训练场,training spaces lit by the colorful skylight





竣工时间: 2017年3月


建筑专业:亢洪森,欧明华, 周可

摄影:魏浩波 (版权: 西线工作室 West-line studio)

平面设计:Martina Muratori(马英)

Location: Gui’an New District, Guizhou Province, China
Completion: March 2017

Project Data
Area Surface: 36.828 mq
Built Surface: 13.890 mq
Main Building: 4 floors
Training Tower: 8 floors
Parkig lots: 62

Design: Haobo Wei, Jingsong Xie
Architectural: Hongsen Kang, Minghua Ou, Ke Zhou
Structure: Yuanping Li, Dingping Fu, Xiaoqiang Yang
Equipment : Hongbo Shi

Photos: Haobo Wei (Courtesy of West-line studio)

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