”Farewell, Lass” Cafe in Zhejiang, China by PUJU Design

Light and shadow, logic and sensibility, metamorphosis of women.

Project Specs


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“建筑之所以成为建筑,有三点必不可少:第一是场所,这是建筑存在的前提;第二是纯粹的几何学,这是支撑建筑的基体和骨骼;第三,自然,并非原生的自然,而是人工化的自然。” ——安藤忠雄

“Three things make architecture possible: a location, which is the premise of the architectural existence; geometry, which is the foundation and bones of a building; and nature, by which I mean the artificialized nature instead of the primordial one.” –Tadao Ando


本案位于浙江省嘉兴市海盐县,建筑面积约450平米,分上下两层。「再会吧 姑娘!」咖啡概念馆,该品牌定位以女性为主的咖啡空间。建筑师通过深入剖析得出以「曲线」彰显品牌内核,并将此概念融入设计中。

Located in Haiyan County, Jiaxing, the two-storied building covers an area of 450m2. Christened “Farewell, Lass”, it is positioned as a coffee space for women, and manifested in the design through the element of curves chosen by the architect after a longtime consideration.

▼建筑外观,选用藏蓝色,即该品牌主题色,作为外立面的颜色。external view of the building. On the façade is painted the theme color—purplish blue.


Every woman grows out of the sweet girlhood over the years. Off they take their white skirts, say goodbye to baby fat, and don armours with shocking red lips. The brand is designed to endow women with idiosyncrasies while staying loyal to their soul, and the corresponding space is intended to reflect how a girl metamorphoses to be a better self.

▼线性的理性与感性的空间, The special logic and sensibilities.

▼一层空间由「线性隔断」围合而成中庭内向空间。这种既隔离又融合的空间形态给人一种社区感,而有效的边界,则让人产生一种归属感。On the first floor, an enclosed courtyard is created with linear partitions. The space, which is at once isolated and linked, is imbued with a sense of community, and the functioning borders trigger a sense of belonging.


▼二层空间以蓝色为主色调,second floor with blue tones

雕塑感极强的白色旋转楼梯是空间的灵魂,安静、独立 的置于一层中庭。「静如处子,动若脱兔」是建筑师想赋予该空间的性格。运用线性的灯光以及地面黑白棋盘格地砖的组合,来实现空间感性与理性的融合。

Standing in the middle is the white spiral staircase. Identified with a sculpture, it’s serene and independent, constituting the soul of this space. The architectural concept can be best explained through a Chinese saying: demure as a maiden and quick like an escaping rabbit. Linear light and the checkered floor in black and white jointly provide the special logic and sensibilities.

▼白色旋转楼梯,white spiral staircase

▼天井连通一层与二层给空间带来灵动性,同时也增添了趣味性与呼吸感。The patio linking the two storeys enlivens the space and adds a touch of fun.


The kaleidoscope of light and shade in days and nights is made possible by the combination of artificial and natural lights, which, filtered through the blind, flow in tempo with the change of time.

▼光与影 Light and shadow


▼空间体块分析,diagram of the spatial

▼一层平面,ground floor plan

▼二层平面,second floor plan


项目名称:“再会吧 姑娘!” 咖啡概念馆
摄影师:Susan Tan

More: PUJU Design ,更多关于他们,请至:PUJU Design on gooood.

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