Namdeamun Office Building By Mecanoo Architecten

The floating facade changing from day to night.

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Located next to the ancient southern gate to the city of Seoul, the Namdeamun Market is the oldest and largest market in South Korea. Since its beginnings as a government managed marketplace in 1414, it has become an important 24-hour destination for trade and a popular tourist attraction.

▼建筑紧邻南大门,next to the ancient southern gate

▼建筑与环境,the building


The market’s history and regional traditions informed the design for a contemporary office building, connecting past and present. Maximising the land allocation, the slim 14-floor building sits elegantly on a corner plot opposite the market. Its restrained monochromatic appearance acts as a counterbalance to the colourful frenzy of the market’s nonstop activity. The role of the facades frames extends beyond decoration. It continuously creates different atmospheres, filtering incoming light and making shadows across the interior spaces.

▼建筑于环境中突显,outstanding in the surroundings


The relationship between the building and its surroundings reflects the passing of time, changing from day to night. During the day the facade material reflects the sun light, whereas in the night, the building glows from within, revealing its characteristic facade pattern to the market and beyond.




Programme: 14-floor building of 5,900 m2 with offices and retail
Client: Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd.,Seoul,South Korea
Design: 2014-2015
Realisation: 2015-2017
Facade consultant: Excfirm,Seoul,South Korea

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