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Do “Lonely Library” really lonely? How could architecture effect our lives?

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gooood为你奉上“每个人everyone”专辑。这是第八期:每个人 × 三联海边图书馆

Most of people lives in cities, experiencing architecture spaces everyday. Design is closely related to everyone, and listening to people from other industries also enables us to expand our understanding about design, architecture, urban environment and the whole world.

everyone album NO.8 – everyone × Seashore Library


三联海边图书馆由直向建筑直向建筑 on gooood)设计,位于秦皇岛阿那亚的黄金海岸上,为社区的附属设施之一。建筑为一个清水混凝土浇筑的方盒子,几何感强烈,如同雕塑一般矗立在沙滩上。朝向大海的立面一层采用可开启的玻璃门,从室内可以畅通无阻地享受辽阔的大海风光;二层的玻璃砖和屋顶天窗为图书馆提供了充足而又柔和的自然光照,创造了一个开放,舒适而又安静的阅读环境。

The Seashore Libary is located on the golden beach of Aranya in Qin Huang Dao. It is designed by Vector Architects (Vector Architects on gooood) as one of the public facilities in the community. The entire building is a concrete box with a strong geometric feeling, like a sculpture standing on the beach. The lower part of the facade facing the ocean is composed of operatable glass doors, which provide panoramic view of the sea. The glass bricks on the upper part together with the skylights bring soft natural light into the space, creating an open, comfortable and tranquil reading area.


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As it is located on a vast beach, the library earned its name of “lonely library” and became popular on the internet soon after its completion. According to the interview of the visitors and staff, we found that people do not regard the library as “lonely”. Most of them think this modern building is unique while harmonious with the sorroundings. They could enjoy the breathtabking scenery in this building, even forget the books in their hands. Thus the libraty also becomes a space for resting, sight viewing and meditation. The architecture responds to the natural environment in a modern way, providing asylum for people to be away from the busy city. Good architecture could not only meet the functional needs, but also trigger people to think more about art, design, aesthetic, etc. In this way, architecture would effect people’s life on a deeper level.

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出品人:向玲 | Producer: Xiang Ling
编辑团队:陈诺嘉, 鹿璐,武晨曦 | Editor: Chen Nuojia, Lu lu, Wu Chenxi

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