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Displaying the owner’s unique life aesthetics with multiple possibilities of the design language

Project Specs


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One night, perhaps, the same dream,
grown hazy by morning.
Every beginning
is only a sequel, after all,
and the book of events
is always open halfway through.

—Love at first sight, Wislawa Szymborska



The photographer EMMA’s private residence is 100 square meters, for a family of three. The design constructs an orderly daily low entropy in a limited space, which is delayed, private, calm and tranquil, emerging from the minute details in the house. With the multiple possibilities of design language, the owner’s unique living aesthetics is presented.

▼项目概览,overview ©EMMA


The entire residence is open space except for one door to the bathroom, which maximizes the separation and distance between areas.

▼原始户型图&方案平面布局,the existing layout & project plan ©吾索设计


Upon entering the room, the glass block is utilized in many ways as a dark space and partition. Its excellent light transmission not only allows the space to appear lively and transparent, but also with a sense of fluidity, which creates more powerful lighting conditions, giving people a more realistic and light experience in the space.

▼入口区域,entrance area ©EMMA

▼玻璃砖用于暗卫和隔断,glass bricks are used in the partitions ©EMMA


The original concrete beams in the dining area have been deliberately conserved as an architectural structure. With their rugged texture and shiny glass bricks, they stand in stark contrast to other modern materials, instantly blurring the concept of time in relation to the old and the new.

▼客厅区域,living area ©EMMA


The rustic texture of the concrete wall paint is free from excessive ornamentation while preserving a kind of simplified and naked beauty. The weight of the bare beams is inherited and dispersed. Along with some vintage soft furnishings, the space strikes a compromise between new life and old traces.

▼墙面水泥漆保留着赤裸美感,the cement painted walls retain a naked aesthetic feeling ©EMMA

▼客厅细节,living room details ©EMMA


Dark green, dark blue, gold, chrome and other vintage colors in the dining area are interspersed to create a medieval atmosphere and lifestyle quality.

▼餐厨空间,kitchen and dining area ©EMMA

▼细节,interior details ©EMMA


There is a large floor-to-ceiling window in the master bedroom, providing abundant daylight. The design maintains a minimalist style, restoring the scale of the white space, while the wooden bed is designed to create a calm and tranquil sleeping atmosphere.

▼主卧室,master bedroom ©EMMA

▼儿童房,kid’s room


An ordinary scene of a lounge chair is transformed into an unusual camera image under a unique magnetic field – beautifully, yet filled with grey.

▼室内细节,interior details ©EMMA


Interspersed arched doors define the transitions between spaces, enhancing hierarchy and access to light. Curvilinear shapes also create a flexibility, showing concrete and detailed dynamic appeal. While as the angle changes, the view of people and space changes as well.

▼拱形门,the arched doors ©EMMA


The top of the bathroom walls extends the material of the large surface cement paint. By taking advantage of the height difference in the depth of the sunken bathroom, the backfill allows for a drop in the shower area to eliminate the water barrier, achieving floor integrity while ensuring no outflow of shower water.

▼卫生间,toilet ©EMMA


Susan Sontag once remarked in On Photography, “To photograph is to give importance”. To a certain extent, design works in the same way. Here, EMMA shares the fragmented and unique daily life with her family, which expresses her true self. In a space of different shapes and forms, life comes alive with vividness, which is perhaps the “significance” of design.

▼洗衣间,laundry room ©EMMA

▼衣帽间,cloakroom ©EMMA

主创团队:秦江飞 徐梦婷
主要材料:芬琳进口乳胶漆 卡思摩地板 宜家橱柜 玻璃砖

Project Address: Xianlin Cuigu Jiuqu
Garden Project area :100 square meters
Project design: Wuso Design
creative team: Qin Jiang Fei Xu Mengting
Photography agency :EMMA
Main material: Fenlin imported latex paint Kasmo floor ikea cabinet glass bricks

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