Embracing LOFT Space by UNI-X Interior Architects

Abandoning glitz, returning to simplicity

Project Specs


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The gentle and delicate temperament conveyed by the space is the dream of many people seeking shelter place in strange cities, abandoning glitz and irritability, returning to simplicity and nature, embracing life and keeping themselves.

▼室内空间概览,interior overview


Under the conditions of the existing space, We decided to blur the boundaries of the space and remove the closed interval. And the function should be defined by human activities. The word “容” refers to accommodation, which means functional storage. It refers to ease, which means the convenience of life. And it also refers to appearance, which is related to spirit and temperament.

▼一层空间概览,interior view of the first floor


This case has a practical area of 18㎡and a floor height of 4.5m.The 0.6m high bay window serves as the air conditioning unit, and the 0.9*0.7m pipe well is close to the side wall. In order to solve the common problem of tall apartments with small living area, we use the method of putting up new mezzanine, and use the protruding thickness of the pipe well to realize practical functions such as kitchen, stairs, storage, wardrobe, etc. Meanwhile, the bay window is used as the transfer platform of the stairs.

▼一层轴测图,axon of the first floor


On the first floor, we use two blocks to solve functional and formal problems. As the main body of the space, the entrance frame has both the function of island platform and space definition. The L-shaped wooden platform extends from the island platform to the window side, and contains the storage space as well as functions as stationary seat, combining with the bay window to become steps.

▼进户框架体作为空间主体,既有岛台功能也是空间界定,as the main body of the space, the entrance frame has both the function of island platform and space definition

▼L形木台由岛台延伸,至窗边转折,作为客餐固定卡座,the L-shaped wooden platform extends from the island platform to the window side, serving as stationary seats

▼L形木台空间包含了收纳空间,the L-shape wooden platform contains the storage space

▼L形木台空间细节,details of the L-shape wooden platform

▼L形木台结合飘窗作为台阶踏步,the L-shape wooden platform combines with the bay window to become steps

▼巧妙利用楼梯空间,utilizing the stairs area


The second floor is divided into bedroom and bathing area, separated by fog-faced glass and introducing natural light.

▼从二层俯瞰一层空间,overlooking the first floor from the second floor

▼二层卧室,bedroom on the second floor

▼两层通高的大玻璃窗将光线引入室内,the double height window introduces natural light into the interior space

▼二层洗浴区,bathing area on the second floor

▼二层轴测图,axon of the second floor

▼一层平面布置图,1F plan

▼二层平面布置图,2F plan

设计 & 完成年份:2017.09/2018.03
摄影版权:王海华 & 潘天云

Project: Embracing
Interior Design: UNI-X Interior Architects
E-Mail: uni-x@qq.com
Design & Completion Date: 2017.09/2018.03
Lead Designer: Tianyun Pan
Design Team: UNI-X
Location: Mingfa New City Centre,Nanjing
Project size: 30㎡
Photographer: Haihua Wang & Tianyun Pan
Materials: KD Panels, Power Dekor Flooring, TIKKURILA Latex Paint

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