E-sports pavilion by LINEAR ARCHITECTURE

Infinity mirror E-sports pavilion

Project Specs


非常感谢 线状建筑设计研究室 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards LINEAR ARCHITECTURE for providing the following description.

灯光大师詹姆斯·特瑞尔(James Turrell)说:透过光,空间可以被重塑。本方案中光作为空间的重要媒介,贯穿了空间的始末。

James Turrell is a master of lighting,he said: through light, space can be reshaped.In this design scheme, light as an important medium of space to permeates the beginning and end of space.

▼电竞馆入口,leisure hall

▼光作为重要媒介,贯穿了空间的始末,light acting as an important medium of space permeates the beginning and end of space


E-sports pavilion gives people more sense of future beyond reality and science and technology compared with other places.

▼公共开放游戏区,internal open area


We use the reflection, refraction and diffuse reflection of the physical principles to increase the spatial layering and ductility through paint glass, mirrored floor tiles and mirrored stainless steel materials.

▼对战游戏专区,battle zone


Through the application of black emulsion paint and black paint glass, highlight the effect of light in the whole space that just like being in the vast universe, it’s make people feel the energy of light and immerse your body and mind in space.

▼游戏包间,private room


The reflection of mirror light and the extension of light in the space combined with the form of a white half box, and it make the whole space form a huge, closed time tunnel.With the change of the color of the lamp, the originally quiet space has a mood which makes it more consistent with different themes in the E-sports pavilion.

▼白色半盒的形式,使空间形成一个时光隧道,the form of a white half box makes the whole space form a time tunnel


The interaction between the mirror stainless steel on the top and the ground black painted glass that make the height of the building was expanded four times in visual effect, and the space extended.

▼反射在视觉上增加了空间的高度,the reflection makes the height of the building expand four times in visual effect


Light & dark, line & surface, light & shadow, extension & resistance, all in the opposite way direct expression of the space, let the body of every cell in it.

▼光的空间使人如同置身浩瀚的宇宙之中,the effect of light in the whole space is like being in the vast universe


Which is the real self in mirror image or reality.In fact, the biggest enemy in the face of confrontation and challenge is oneself.

▼轴测动图,axon gif.

▼平面图,floor plan



Project address: 165 Longpan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu
The project area: 420 ㎡
Main case design: Xu zhichao
Design team: Xu Zhichao, Yan Qing
Photo taken: Wang Haihua


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