Mind over Matter by Suzanne Jongmans

Packaging materials refined as silk

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这组肖像摄影作品模仿了15、16和17世纪的绘画风格,涉及的画家包括伦勃朗、小霍尔拜因和罗吉尔·凡·德·维登等人。照片的作者Suzanne Jongmans是一位跨界艺术家,她既是摄影师,也是雕塑家和服装设计师。在这组照片中,模特们穿上了用回收的泡沫和海绵乳胶制成的衣服,这些原本被要被丢弃的包装材料宛如丝绸般精致,与模特的肌肤形成了和谐的映衬。

The photo portraits of Suzanne are in the tradition of the 15th, 16th and 17th century. The work refers to the paintings of the ‘old masters’ such as Rembrandt, Holbein the Younger and Rogier van der Weyden. Suzanne Jongmans’ work is interdisciplinary; she is a coupeuse, sculptor and a costume designer. Then, as a photographer, she converts the three-dimensional images to the flat surface. She uses packaging materials such as foam and foam rubber to make her clothes. Suzanne uses this foam so refined that the foam just looks like silk, it is beautiful on the skin and it works as a protective shield for her models.






▼《生命之轻》,Lightness of Being




在发现了泡沫材料的潜力之后,Suzanne Jongman创造了一种全新的衣服制作方式:将衣服像雕像一样制作出来。服装设计与雕塑手法被融合在她的照片当中,材料和传统形成了一种复杂的关系。用海绵乳胶制成的头巾对黄金时代的肖像画做出了当代性的诠释,它们虽然是用来保护其他物品的材料,但其本身也同样十分精致。这些材料上印刷着的回收标识进一步强调了重复利用的过程,同时也指示着它们为敏感脆弱的表面所提供的保护。

From the moment she discovered the potential of the foam, Suzanne Jongman developed a new way of making costumes: she sculpts her designs. The traditions of sculpting and costume designs come together in her serene photographs. The material and tradition enter into a complex relationship; a hood of foam rubber is at the same time modern as a reference to the portraits from the Golden Age. The material is meant as protection – but at the same time very refined. Letters and symbols on the packaging material emphasize reuse and refer to the protection it offers to sensitive and delicate surfaces.




▼《放空》,Holding Space




▼《现实与梦境之间》,Between Reality and Dreams




▼《改变的机会》,Room for Change


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