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Presenting a scene, a device and a thing gracefully

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—— 设计师 朱寿耀

In modern shopping malls, there is no lack of fashion and pattern, but there must be a lack of “nature”. Creating high-quality dining experience with natural landscaping is also a unique condition for this place.

—— Allen Zhu


Enter a natural landscape


Huaizuo Zhuxi is quoted from “Yangzhou mantan”: “huaizuo is a famous capital, and Zhuxi is a good place, and Jiean is seldom stationed in the early stage.” Huaizuo Zhuxi is the first Huaiyang cuisine restaurant in Fuzhou. It is located in Rongqiao Bund No.1, a newly completed comprehensive high-end commercial complex. In this project, the designer puts the opposite plug-in of “nature” into the shopping environment. From brand to space, the designer tries to dig deeper Huaiyang culture instead of directly copying nature.

▼项目入口,entrance of the project © 李迪


At the entrance, you can see a stone lion symbolizing auspiciousness. A square black rock sets off the beautiful words. It is beautiful and elegant. The water reflects a peaceful state of mind. The upright stone pillars and the bamboo shadow reflect each other, paving a deep natural impression – a place of Taoyuan hidden in a modern shopping mall.

The upright stone pillars and the bamboo shadow reflect each other © 李迪


Due to the limitation of the original building, there is only one passageway and small hall on the riverside. After ingenious design, an outdoor area with Huaiyang atmosphere becomes the finishing touch, and the originally limited space conditions are transformed into unique advantages. The designer built six boxes in the outdoor area to raise the floor of the box. At the same time, through the height difference between the wooden screen and the pedestrian’s line of sight in the shopping mall, the privacy of the box was ensured and the space was kept transparent.

▼包厢,private box © 李迪


Orange red wood color with elegant lighting, light and shade shape a rich color level, showing delicate light rhyme and texture. The elegance of red and the warmth of yellow have both the quality of calmness and the temperature of circulation. A kind of beauty flowing quietly in the space leads us to relive an old dream.

Orange red wood color with elegant lighting © 李迪


Dream of the Homeland


Space and landscape have distinct layers, wood, glass, hollow partition – non transparent, transparent, translucent separation, different materials and forms are uneven and overlapping, interweaving to form a layered natural landscape. In the change of distance, height and angle, different landscapes open and switch to us, increasing the narrative of space, blurred and dreamy.

▼空间与景观的层次分明,Space and landscape have distinct layers © 李迪


Through the elevation of the platform, the height is staggered, which leads to the spatial order of classical gardens. In the limited space, the original single space is deconstructed into rich and changing experience, which is distinguished from the moving line of the mall. Under the precipitation of culture, space has become the theatre of story. The classical garden defines the pattern of space, and the transition of space is the occurrence of the story.

▼层叠的自然景观,uneven and overlapping © 李迪


In Fuzhou, drinking tea is a daily habit of life. Therefore, in the outdoor landscape area of six boxes, the designer will design one of the boxes as a teahouse. The teahouse has the best view. Sitting in the teahouse, you can enjoy the view of the atrium. In front of the pine branches in the court, you can make tea and listen to the music to feel the beauty of silence. “When you look for seclusion in Zhuwu, you will be intoxicated.” The chamber of the teahouse is called Zhuwu, which means a quiet place in the bamboo forest. If you are in the bamboo forest, a pot of hot tea, a piece of leisure and leisure, both physical and mental quiet, contented.

▼厢间茶室,teahouse © 李迪


The spiritual image of the garden creates a natural scene for the interior. This kind of nature is not established in the landscape, but in the scale of behavior. It is related to the body and space. The intangible artistic conception leads our thoughts and memories. It creates an illusion, trying to pull us away from the environment of the mall and into a deep natural situation, a dream.

▼定制镂空铝花格,customized hollow aluminum lattice © 李迪


Impression of Huaiyang


The impression of the ancient city of Huaiyang not only has the charm of restrained and gentle flowers, but also has the prosperous old scenery of carved beams and painted buildings. Qionghua is the symbol of Yangzhou. The cut-off and hollow pattern of chandelier is the element of Qionghua, which is contrasted with the dim and soft light, and outlines the simple and elegant lines. The door handle and screen also use Qionghua as a cultural element. It combines hardness and softness, and is gentle and restrained everywhere.

The cut-off and hollow pattern of chandelier is the element of Qionghua © 李迪

▼吧台,bar © 李迪


Tonglou lacquer column is a feature of the Soviet style classical architecture. The surface of the wood is painted with lacquer to decorate the building. Designers use this traditional decoration, in the wood column and wall with black paint finish, to show the noble and elegant temperament, at the same time, the red wood color aluminum makes the space maintain a kind of friendly, warm texture. The spirit of Huaiyang cuisine is to emphasize the delicacy and elegance of food. How to follow culture and how to shape brand, based on the unique language and connection between them, designers express Huaiyang culture and shape the character of space from the space itself. Designers capture the spiritual pursuit and emotional expression of Huaiyang cuisine, which not only presents the thought-provoking oriental aesthetics, but also has simple modernity.

▼彤楼漆柱的传统装饰,traditional decoration of Tonglou lacquer column © 李迪


Have a nice moment


Combined with the spatial pattern, the dining area is divided into outdoor landscape area and indoor free seating area and box, two different areas increase the richness of the internal space. In terms of landscape, the outdoor is the deep natural landscape of the courtyard, and the indoor is the wide view of the river, which echoes each other. From the subtle expression of Huaiyang’s gentle, hazy curtain, the beauty of utensils, a quiet and mysterious Yangzhou Kunqu Opera, a graceful turn of Jiangnan, into the dream of Jiangnan hundreds of years ago, lingering in the past, looking back and cherishing.

▼室内散座区,indoor free seating area © 李迪

details of the dining area © 李迪


Huaiyang’s beauty lies in the beauty of mountains and forests, the gentle fireworks and the historical culture precipitated by time. Cork carving is a traditional handicraft in Fuzhou, which is listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. A long scroll not only shows the prosperity of ancient Yangzhou, but also shows the traditional culture of Fuzhou.

▼传统手工艺,traditional handicraft in Fuzhou © 李迪


Designers do not express Jiangnan from too many forms, but according to the understanding of its context to shape the real character of the space, integrate the unique and detailed cultural symbols into the modern, making it a continuation. This provides a hint that the elegant and quiet space itself is a kind of elaboration and is inclusive. The overall design of huaizuo and Zhuxi is imbued with Oriental character and integrated with modern aesthetics, presenting a scene, a device and a thing gracefully. While rethinking the value of Huaiyang culture and reconstructing the interpretation of Huaiyang traditional symbols, designers leave a space from the spiritual level. We can experience a space from the body and imagination.

▼项目外观,appearance of the project © 李迪

▼设计师手稿,Designer’s manuscript © YaoDesign 耀设计

▼平面图,plan © YaoDesign 耀设计

项目名称:淮左 · 竹西
项目地点:中国 · 福州
空间设计:YaoDesign 耀设计
协作设计:陈丽媛 & 路威


Project name: Huai Zuo · Zhu Xi
Project location: Fuzhou, China
Project area: 580m²
Completion time: 2020.12
Space design: YaoDesign
Main case design: Allen Zhu
Collaborative design: Lavern Chen、LV
Brands / Products used in the projrct:Customized wood grain surface, customized hollow aluminum lattice,
tempered ultra white glass, customized carved emulsified glass, Wizard of Oz luxury stone, sesame gray granite,
Shanxi black granite leather surface treatment, gray real stone paint, black art paint

Special thanks:
Project company: Xiyue Catering
Construction unit: Chengyu Decoration
Brand Design: Du Weibai
Soft decoration design: Juhe furnishings
Lighting design: Cresman
Landscape design: Liu Yi
Art installation: Green Knight Art Club
Guide to landing: Zhongce logo
Project Photography: Li Di

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