Dream & Maze , Guestroom Renovation of the Creative Guesthouse The Other Place, Guilin Litopia, China by Studio 10

An impossible space with seamless transformation between 2D and 3D elements.

Project Specs


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创意民宿“别居”位于桂林平乐县漓江畔,Studio 10负责了其中“梦.迷”主题房型的改造。设计灵感来源于莫里茨·科内利斯·埃舍尔的绘画作品,建筑师通过二维、三维元素的无缝转换及对于视幻现象的运用,打造了一个神秘、无尽的“不可能空间”。

▼粉色空间入口,室内一览,entrance and overall view of the pink space

The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its Dream-and-Maze-themed guestrooms. Inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, the architect meant to create a mysterious, infinite and impossible space with the seamless transformation amongst 2D and 3D as well as Optical Illusion elements.

▼绿色空间入口,室内一览,entrance and overall view of the green space


Pale pink and white color palette renders the interior space serene and surreally fresh, far from the chaos of mundane daily life. All components from the reality world such as lighting fixtures and electronic appliances have been concealed behind a series of black-painted doors, maintaining the pristine, chimerical nature of the space.


▼粉色和白色为主,阶梯和体块创造“不可能的空间”,the space is in pink and white tone, with stairs and volumes creating a dreamlike feeling

▼一楼起居室,living space on the first floor

▼设备收纳在柜子中,从窗户可以看到卧室,facilities hidden in the cabinets, window creates eye contact between living space and bedroom

▼一楼卧室,bedroom on the first floor

▼二层休息区,rest area on the second floor=

▼楼梯通向各个方向,形成梦幻般的氛围,stairs spread towards different directions, creating a dreamlike atmosphere

▼二楼卧室,bedroom on the second floor

在另一个森绿色主题的房间中,反重力的楼梯通往金色的门扇,门后或许是一条通往另一处秘密森林小路- 你永远不知道下一扇门后有何惊喜。

In the other forest-green-themed room, anti-gravitational stairs leads to golden doors, behind which there could be a trail leading to a secret forest – or some other unexpected findings that surprises you.


▼深绿色为主题的房间,room in dark green tone

▼一层起居室,living space on the first floor

▼一层卧室,bedroom on the first floow

▼二层休息区,rest area on the second floor

▼通往不同方向的楼梯和配色形成神秘氛围,stairs towards different directions together with the green and golden colors create a mysterious ambience

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan


设计顾问:Studio 10

Location: Pingle County, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Area: 70sqm/650sqft per room
Design&Completion Year: 2017~2018
Client: The Other Place – Guilin Litopia/ Nianhua Cultural and Creative
Design Consultant: Studio 10
Director: Shi Zhou
Design Team: Xin Zheng, Xiangtong Wu, Zixia Huang, Ming Tang (Project Assistant)
Photographer: Chao Zhang
Hotel Instagram:theotherplace.guilin

More: 十间设计工作室  更多关于他们:Studio 10 on gooood

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