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An erroneous square

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If the inspiration is a stream, then the little bit of life is the source of the stream. The inspiration for creation is the product of the rational analysis of everything that the individual has experienced, and this is what we often call the aura of light. Collect the bits and pieces of your life and gather them into your source of inspiration. This is the starting point for us to design such a pushpin board.


The erroneous square pattern forms a square pushpin. The square part is made of soft fabric and can be used for fixing photos with a pin. The shaded part is made of metal and can be magnetized.

材质: 铁 ,海绵 ,面料
尺寸:H750 W450 D30mm
H450 W450 D30mm
Material: iron,sponge,Fabric
Dimensions : H750 W450 D30mm
H450 W450 D30mm

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