Dortmannhof by Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

House with a high music studio transformed from a barn

Project Specs


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▼项目外观,为传统的Hallenhaus住宅,external view of the project which was a typical Hallenhaus ©Christian Flatscher

The Dortmannhof is a typical eighteenth century Hallenhaus, a common construction style from the region around Essen in western Germany. In a Hallenhaus, the familial living area and barn were brought together under one roof in a compact structure which could be up to five stories tall. The current residents are not farmers however, but a family of musicians. To serve their needs, an eleven meter high music studio was added at the center of the three parallel barn spaces. Additionally, a guest house with a separate entrance was constructed in the eastern barn, and a large additional bathroom to the western barn.

exploded axonometric ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

three barn spaces transformed into a music studio in the middle, a guest house and a bathroom ©Christian Flatscher

the high and narrow music studio in the center of the house ©Christian Flatscher

bathroom ©Christian Flatscher

corridor outside the bathroom connected to the second floor ©Christian Flatscher


The building’s new spaces grow tall and narrow like the surrounding crops. Large north-facing windows allow for additional daylight to stream through the old perforated walls which were originally meant to ventilate the hay. The historic building is comprised of several entrances and internal connections which allowed for various farming activities to occur simultaneously. These features have been retained, allowing family life, creativity and work to coexist in a similar spirit.

the interior of the high music studio with large openings on the north ©Christian Flatscher

▼天窗将阳光带入室内,sunlight runs into the studio through skylight ©Christian Flatscher

▼原有墙面上的开洞被保留,openings on the original wall ©Christian Flatscher

▼音乐工作室后部连接生活区域,doors to the living area at the rear of the music studio ©Christian Flatscher

▼通过白色拉帘将门隐藏起来,hide the door by white curtains ©Christian Flatscher

▼通往二层卧室的旋转楼梯,不同空间彼此相连,staircase to the second floor bedroom, internal connections between different rooms ©Christian Flatscher

▼音乐工作室连接餐厅,the music studio connects to the dining room ©Christian Flatscher

▼书房,study ©Christian Flatscher

▼主卧,master’s bedroom ©Christian Flatscher


The new internal additions to the house were constructed as oversized inhabitable furniture which can be removed to restore the building’s historical appearance. This approach was taken to meet requirements of the German law for monument protection, which allows for historic buildings to be adapted for modern usage.

▼新建的体块与原结构分离,the new additions separated from the original structure ©Christian Flatscher

▼项目区位,project  location ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

▼三层平面图,third floor plan ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

▼剖面图,sections ©Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

Location: Essen, Germany
Status: Completed 1791, internal extension completed 2020
Size: 350 m2
Photographer credits: Christian Flatscher
Engineers for construction, mechanical and fire: Scheuten Bautechnik Ingenieurbüro
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