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Living in the world, there is no noise of cars and horses.
Ask me why? As long as the mind is high, it will naturally feel that the place is secluded.——Tao Yuanming




The project is located at the corner of the old street of Tongji Road, Foshan,Hidden in the lush trees. The structure of old buildings is complex,Irregular appearance, The indoor columns are not the same size. Under this kind of restriction, How to keep the mottled traces of the building, Combining the spatial diversity of functional planning, Give it a unique soul and color, It’s a challenge for designers.

▼改造后项目外观,external view of the project after renovation ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼项目生成过程,generation process of the project ©深点设计




“Time and time again ,I searched for you in the crowd .Suddenly ,I spun round and saw the very you standing amidst thin lights.”——Xin Qiji


Walking under the trees on the street, I could see a transparent glass box with warmth, there is no cumbersome appearance for decoration, especially fascinating. Under the shadow of light, the exquisite lion head logo and the ancient pillars complement each other, and the simple beauty reaches the people’s heart.

▼项目外观,通透的玻璃盒子吸引行人注目,external view of the project, transparent glass box attracting the pedestrians ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼精细的logo与粗糙的混凝土柱形成对比,delicate logo contrasts with the coarse concrete column ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼从窗口看向室内,view to the interior from the window ©视方摄影—翱翔




Suddenly smell the smell of coffee coming out of a wooden passage, looking for the fragrance, a white color peeped out from the crack, the stone lion in front of the door, in the soft light, seems to be immersed in thoughts. If you look down, will feel that white is like a lion’s tail dancing in the air, leaping and leaping, and swimming in the space flexibly, can’t see the end at a glance, can’t help but make people curious to go inside.

▼木制通道入口,enter through a wooden passage ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼通道一侧的白色台面上装饰有石狮,white table on the side of the passage decorated with a stone lion ©视方摄影—翱翔




“Trapped in a cage for a long time without freedom, I finally return to nature today.”——Tao Yuanming


What you can see is the square bar in the center, which can be sat around. The cement column in the center extends infinitely along the mirror, look at yourself in the reflection, one empty and one real, look at the tiredness of people in the mirror, think about the mediocrity of people outside the mirror. There are different forms around the bar, In this state full of traces of the years, it seems particularly natural, the collision between the new and the old is no longer opposition, but tolerance. Even people who have never met before can live in harmony and have a good talk under this tolerance.

▼室内一览,overall view of the interior ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼吧台后的混凝土柱透过镜面天花向上延伸,the concrete column extends upward through the reflection by the mirrored ceiling ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼新旧材料形成对比,contrast between old and new materials ©视方摄影—翱翔




“Cloud static can be leisurely, water static nurture all things.”——Anonymous person


Next to the bar through the crack in the door, on the windowsill of dialogue with nature, In a closable private space, In the booth area at the corner of the wall, sitting by the window, in the long coffee fragrance, empty yourself, leave a corner for the soul. In the vast world, the noise makes people uneasy. Lao Tzu said, “all things return to their roots .returning to its root is called tranquility, which is called returning to life.” In the final analysis, stillness is the root of life. When you are calm, you will be clear. When you are calm, you can see your true self.

▼入口旁的小桌,透过落地窗可以欣赏室外景色,table beside the entrance, people could enjoy outside scenery through the French windows ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼与自然对话的飘窗,bay window having conversation with the nature ©视方摄影—翱翔


Taking the gate as the starting point, combined with the function, it forms a high and low undulating form, which runs through the whole space. Corresponding to the action concept of First Quality coffee, make a valuable gift for guests from one to the end!

▼轴测图,装置结合功能贯穿空间,axonometric, an installation ran through the space with different functions ©深点设计

▼窗边吧台,bar table beside the window ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼较为私密的卡座,seatings with higher privacy ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼多功能房,multi-functional room ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼座椅细部,details of the seats ©视方摄影—翱翔


With old tiles, Ingeniously combined with the light bulb, the old objects will glow with new vitality and become a unique symbol of space. Through layers of glass in the middle of the old wood, continue to move forward, break through the shackles of space, extend the vision, add some interest and publicity to the space.

▼卫生间,washroom ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼材料细部,流露岁月的痕迹,material details with the touch of history ©视方摄影—翱翔

▼平面图,plan ©深点设计


主材:耐霆漆 旧床木 亚克力 镜面不锈钢

Location: Foshan, China
Project Owner: Huang Weinan
Design Company: Point depth Design
Interior Design: Zheng Xiaoguan
Design Team: Benson wong ,Chris Chan, Janey wen
Text: Chris Chan
Translation: Hu Jiaxin
Video: Wu Quanhui
Editing: Janey wen
Photography: Sight Photography-Soar
Construction: Guanyu Engineering-Huang Zhiyong
Design Time: September 2019
Completion time: January 2020
Area: 123㎡
Main Material: Anti-Tint Paint, Old Bed Wood ,Acrylic, Mirror Stainless Steel
Lighting: Guangzhou Lisha Lighting

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