‘Domain’ – Ideal Space restaurant, China, by Robot 3 Studio

A field partitioned with two walls

Project Specs


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The location of the project is in Plaza 66, Zhongjie Street, Shenyang. Two walls were built in the house in the street, a wall divides inside and outside, a wall divides the left and right direction. The “Wall” is in our hearts all the time, giving us shelter, imprisonment and hope. The two walls create a dream, the enclosing wall is transparent, and the long wall is stretched. The space between the walls is determined and blurred, but visible to each other. It is possible and hope, not imprisoned and closed. The long wall that stretches outside to the house is a guidance and the wall can be living, not just a divider or reference.

▼餐厅室内概览,an overview of the interior

▼两道墙是室内空间的主要元素,two walls are built as the main element of the space

▼透明的墙围合出内外,the transparent enclosing wall divides inside and outside

▼长墙划分出左右空间,the long wall divides the left and right

▼入口区域,entrance area

▼墙壁与光影带来梦境般的氛围,the walls with light and shadows create a dreamlike scene


▼长墙一直延伸至室外,形成一种指引,the long wall stretches outside to become a guidance

▼玻璃砖墙细部,detail of the glass brick wall

▼设计草图,design sketch


设计机构:Robot 3工作室
业主:Ideal Space
建筑面积:265 平方米
摄影:Robot 3工作室
Robot 3 : www.robot3.com
Design Firm:Robot 3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi
Technical support:Han Dong
Client: Ideal Space
Location:105 Plaza 66,Zhongjie Street,Shenyang,Liaoning Province,China
Type: Restaurant
Building Area: 265 sqm
Materials: Concrete, Glass Bricks,Wood
Completion: 2017.10
Photographer:Robot 3 Studio
Robot 3 : www.robot3.com

More: Robot 3 Studio,更多关于他们:Robot 3 on gooood

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